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The Jungle King was an American adventurer fighting slavers in Africa.

In 1940, noted scientist-adventurer Lee Granger made a secret solo flight across the most dangerous part of Africa, investigating reports of a renewed slave trade in the region. The reports were true, and some slave traders had already managed to plant a bomb on Granger's light plane. Surviving the explosion and the fall, Granger encountered an isolated tribe of Pygmy people, and was able to win their friendship by using modern first-aid techniques to save the life of their wounded, poisoned chief.

Granger built himself a brick house in the Pygmy village, and taught his new friends how to capture and domesticate zebras, for farm work, and how to smelt and forge iron ore into tools, and how to make electrical batteries from acid and metals. Over time, the Pygmies built themselves a sturdy little town.

One day, using only ropes and raw strength, Lee Granger captured a lion, and brought it back to his laboratory. There, he performed an electrical experiment on the lion, which gained the ability to speak. Lee teamed up with the Lion, who was soon named Eric, and with the Pygmies, to defeat the Arab slave traders, when they returned to that part of Africa. After this, the little people declared Lee Granger to be their Jungle King.