Lee Hyland, also known as Blink, is a blind man with the ability to see through other people's eyes by touching them.

Originally, he was a thief who used his power to steal people's bank account numbers without them realizing. However, after one person he was robbing turned out to be a murderer, Blink attempted to spring into action to save the man's victim, only to get caught at the scene of the crime himself.[1] Clearing his name with Batman, Blink and the dark knight worked together to uncover a conspiracy of people filming and selling the murders of women in Gotham. Once the mystery was solved, Batman let Blink go, encouraging him to give up his life as a thief.[2]

A few months later, when Batman needed help with a case, he attempted to contact Blink for his help, only to discover from the man's girlfriend that he'd been missing for four months. Blink had been contacted by the government to use his powers to spy on terrorists, but they had abused his trust, throwing him into a sensory deprivation container so that they could have an unlimited stream of intel. Batman freed Hyland, and, together, they worked on getting evidence against elusive baby smugglers in Gotham. However, the government agents came back, this time planning to kidnap and sell Hyland to whoever would pay them for his powers, but they were thwarted by Batman. Blink was free to live in peace.




  • Blindness: Hyland doesn't have any eyes of his own. He depends on others, like his seeing eye dog Charlie, for sight.
  • Power Instability: Hyland sometimes can't control whose eyes he sees through. Sometimes he can see through other peoples eyes when the person he's using touches somebody else, other times he'll lose somebody's sight if somebody else accidentally touches him.


  • Charlie the Dog: Charlie is Hyland's seeing eye dog. If Blink isn't looking through somebody else's eyes, he's usually using Charlie to see.



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