Lee Hyland, previously known as the criminal Blink, is a man with the power to look through other people's eyes.

Many years ago, Hyland acted as a thief, using his powers to steal people's credit card numbers and rob them blind. However, Blink was captured by Batman, who convinced him to turn his life around for the better. Hyland agreed and tried for years to stick by his promise.

When the Gotham City radio host Danny Ruby was killed on the air, Hyland became involved in the investigation when he attempted to help Debbie and Clay Stoner solve the case.


  • Vision Displacement: Hyland's superpower is that he can look through anybody's eyes just by thinking about it.


  • Thievery: Before turning his life around, Blink was an expert thief with his powers. It wasn't until he fought Batman that he decided to use his powers for good.[1]


  • Blindness: Hyland doesn't have any eyes. He can only see when he sees through somebody else's eyes.
  • Power Limitation: Hyland's powers have a tell. When he jumps from one person's eyes to another, the last person will temporarily lose vision for a second.[2]



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