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Quote1.png I know it's difficult for you to fathom, but where...when I'm from, the year 2166, you and everyone on this roof aren't just considered heroes...You're legends. Quote2.png
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The Legends are a team of heroes collected by Rip Hunter. Later led by Sara Lance, they used the Waverider to police the time stream.



In the year 2166, after the death of his wife and son at the hands of Vandal Savage, Rip Hunter went rogue against the Time Masters and stole a time-traveling ship to travel to 2016, where he hoped to recruit of team of people inconsequential to the timeline. These men and women consisted of The Atom, Firestorm, Martin Stein, White Canary, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Mick Rory and Leonard Snart. Rip Hunter tried convincing them that in the future they were considered legends, but many of the recruits were reluctant to join. Among them, Jax was drugged by Martin Stein to come aboard the Waverider, and Mick Rory and Leonard Snart joined with the intention of robbing priceless items across history.[1]

Mission to defeat Vandal Savage

With the mission to eliminate Vandal Savage, the Legends hopped around history and the future in the Waverider. They stopped a Vandal-Soviet partnership helmed by Valentina Vostok in 1986[2], and time-traveled to a possible future where Star City was in ruins and overrun by criminals.[3] Mick Rory began to question his place on the team, and turned them over to the Time Pirates. His old friend and partner Leonard Snart was forced to abandon him in time.[4] Mick Rory came back as the villain Chronos, retro-actively hunting the team throughout time. The Legends were able to break Mick's programming and he re-joined the team.[5]

After stopping their younger selves from being killed by the Pilgrim[6] and failing to assassinate Per Degaton, a powerful ally of Savage who helps him rise to power[7], the Legends finally captured Vandal Savage. It was revealed however that Vandal was working with the Time Masters all along, giving Savage the means to time travel. The Legends were captured at the main Time Masters' headquarters, but they escaped and destroyed the Oculus, the source of the Time Masters' timeline manipulation, with Leonard Snart giving his life to ensure it's destruction.[8] Rip gave his team time to figure out what they wanted to do and dropped them back in Central City a few months after their initial recruitment. The team eventually came back together and finally rid the world of Savage once and for all.[9]

New adventures

Six months after Vandal's death, the team tracked down time anomalies and fixed them to keep the timeline intact. The team was told never to travel to 1942 by Rex Tyler, where New York City was nuked by the Nazi Party. However, the team had gone against what they're told, and tracked down Damien Darhk, who kidnapped Albert Einstein's ex-wife to build an atomic bomb for them. Darhk managed to launch the nuke, but Rip Hunter scattered the team around history and placed Mick Rory in stasis while Rip and the Waverider took the hit from the nuke, protecting New York City. In present day 2016, Oliver Queen and historian Nate Heywood located the Waverider at the bottom of the ocean, and woke up Mick. Mick and Nate left to recover the scattered members, bringing the team back together again, albeit with Rip Hunter's absence.

With the Legends now operating without Rip Hunter's leadership, their first mission would lead them to come to blows with the Justice Society of America, until Nate revealed himself as the grandson of Commander Steel and they explained the message from Rex Tyler.

Following the Society, they ended up fighting Nazis possessing a super-serum, which ended up turning Nate Heywood into a meta-human. They would also gain a new ally-turned-teammate in Amaya Jiwe after Rex's murder caused her to pursue the Legends, knowing his killer was a time-traveller, eventually joining them, as their problems seemed to be caused by the same time-traveller. After confronting Damien Darhk at the White House in 1987, they learned their enemy's status as a speedster ally of the former League of Assassins member, who is directly changing history instead of discreetly.

The Legends would later aid Team Flash and Team Arrow against the Dominator invasion, with Martin learning afterwards of his newly-conceived daughter, which he didn't have in the previous timeline. Their next mission led them to come to blows with Damien Darhk and the speedster again, along with Malcolm Merlyn, with them uncovering an amulet that points to the Spear of Destiny, a reality-altering object, which they realized was what the trio are after.

Chasing the Legion of Doom

With their knowledge of their enemies' goal, they also uncovered the mysterious speedster's identity as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, an enemy of Team Flash, who exists as a time remnant after Eddie's sacrificing erasing his birth. They would also reunite with Rip, who had knowledge of the Spear's whereabouts, but was brainwashed by the Legion.

After reforming Rip, they went to Commander Steel, who had the last piece of the Spear, tracking him to 1970 during the Apollo-13 mission, where they retrieved the last piece from the Moon. After coming to terms with Sara's more efficient leadership of the team, he took them to the Vanishing Point, where the Legion had set up base, retrieving the other two pieces, reassembling the Spear. Unwilling to risk corruption or betrayal, they set out to destroy it, heading to France in 1916 during World War I. After Mick turned on them out of feeling inadequate and gave the Spear to the Legion, allowing them to remake the world to their whims.

When the Legion rewrote reality, Darhk, Merlyn, and Thawne all took action to eliminate their greatest enemies of the Green Arrow and the Flash, but Thawne left the Legends alive so that he could enjoy tormenting them. Sara and Amaya were 'rewritten' into Damien Darhk's personal henchmen who he would send out to hunt and kill anyone that tried to stand in his way, even the new timeline's version of Felicity Smoak. Martin and Jax were made into employees that oversaw a secret project for Thawne in S.T.A.R. Labs while Ray had been the lab's janitor, with Jax abusing and tormenting Martin so that he would be forced to keep working long hours on his assigned projects. Rip and the Waverider were also shrunk down and kept as a trophy piece in Thawne's office. As for Nate, he was made into a conspiracy theorist that no one listened to and lived in his mother's basement.

But Nate's suspicions led to him getting close to the truth and getting targeted by the Legion, but Mick, who was discontent with the new reality, decided to rejoin his teammates and oppose the Legion, slowly reuniting the team, but suffered a defeat after Thawne destroyed the spear to cement the new reality. Going back in time to retrieve the Spear, risking a temporal crisis due to already participating in it already, but they were ultimately confronted by the Legion, with Thawne bringing an army of time remnants. But their gamble paid off, as the Spear was depowered and Thawne was killed by Hunter Zolomon, and the other Legion members were returned to their places.

After their victory, Amaya decided to stay with the Legends, as her bloodline would play it's role after she returned to her time, and Rip left for another purpose, accepting Sara's leadership, but they were faced with a temporal crisis as historical periods began colliding with each other due to their gamble, which was stopped by Rip Hunter, revealing that while he has been gone to them for ten minutes, he has actually been gone for five years and has created the Time Bureau, informing the Legends that they are no longer required as the Bureau will deal with the anachronisms. He thus disbands the Legends, takes the Waverider from them and leaves them.

Temporary retirement

Over the next six months, both Sara and Ray are made legally alive, though Ray is unable to get his company back, the two falling into dead-end jobs at a department store and minor tech company respectively. Nate and Amaya move in together at Central City, Nate trying to act as a hero to Central City alongside Kid Flash, while Jax goes to college for his mechanical degree and Martin stays at home to be with his wife and act as a father to his daughter, although they schedule weekly meetings to re-merge as Firestorm to maintain stability.

Mick leaves for Aruba to relax and get drunk. While at their home, Amaya sees on the news of her granddaughter, Mari. She decided to go to Detroit and watched her granddaughter save several people. She then visited Rip, who informed her that if she does not return to her timeline, Mari will eventually fade away. She decides to return to 1942.

Anachronisms and Mallus

The team would eventually reunite after encountering and ultimately defeating a time-displaced Julius Caesar, one of several anomalies caused by their fracturing of time. Deciding to return to the fold against the Time Bureau's interests. They would eventually gain a new member, Zari Tarazi, from a corrupt future, while slowly uncovering a new set of aberrations in the timeline that did not fit into their pattern, learning of the danger of Mallus, a mysterious demonic entity and ancient feared enemy of the Time Masters.

After Rip betrayed them in order to confront Mallus, the Legends give their former leader over to the Time Bureau in exchange for immunity, while continuing to face anachronisms like Damien and Nora Darhk, Grodd, and others. The Legends would also join Team Arrow, Team Flash and the Superfriends against the Nazi regime from Earth-X, losing Martin and gaining Leo Snart as a teammate.


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  • The Legends weren't officially named until the season 2 episode "Out of Time".

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