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The Legends of Earth-74 eventually disbanded after the death of one of their members.


At some point in the 21st Century, the Legends were formed and traveled through the Temporal Zone on the Waverider: the team also included the former villains, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and Mick Rory aka Heatwave.

During a mission, a Legend eventually died so the team disbanded in the aftermath of this tragedy; they also abandoned the Waverider. Some time later, Rory returned to the timeship and claimed it for himself: he also retired from vigilantism to become a full time novelist.

In December 2019, after the beginning of the Crisis, Lyla Michaels aka Harbinger, an enforcer of the Cosmic God Monitor, teleported herself to the Waverider, believing it to be empty after the Legends' disband: however, she was "welcomed" by a Leonard Snart-based A.I. and Rory himself who warned her to leave the timeship; eventually, the messenger convinced him to allow her to use the timeship in the Multiversal resistence against the Anti-Monitor.[1]





  • The deceased Legend's name was never revealed.
    • However, because of the Snart-based A.I. and Rory being in possession of the Cold Gun, it is implied that Leonard Snart was the one to die, like on Earth-1.
  • It is still unknown if Leonard was the original A.I. of the Waverider on this reality and why it was based on Leonard Snart.

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