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Legends was the name of a six-issue DC comics limited series published from November of 1986 to April of 1987. Legends featured the writing talents of John Ostrander, along with the artistry of John Byrne and inker Karl Kesel. The storyline centered around the villain, Darkseid, and his scheme to weaken the integrity of Earth's heroes by destabilizing their "legendary" status. The result of which, yielded a massive portion of Earth's population turning against those they once worshipped. Earth's iconic super-heroes are forced to operate outside the law to expose Darkseid's scheme.

Legends was the first major crossover event to follow in the wake of the reality-altering Crisis on Infinite Earths. It exists as a landmark mini-series due to its status as a jumping-on point for several spin-off titles including a revamped Justice League, a new Wonder Woman title and a re-imagined Suicide Squad.

Aside from the mini-series itself, Legends crossed over into many existing DC titles spanning a total of twenty-two chapters. The entire Legends mini-series was collected into a trade paperback.