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"Breach of Faith":

G. Gordon Godfrey

Macro-Man lies dead on the ground, having been killed by Captain Marvel's lightning. Reporter [[Gwyneth Tate (New Earth

Quote1.png The very concept of the hero has become trite and outmoded! Today's high-powered world is too sophisticated, too complicated, simply too dangerous for such an outdated notion as the heroic ideal! It's time we put all such childish notions behind us! Quote2.png
G. Gordon Godfrey

Legends #2 is an issue of the series Legends (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1986.

Synopsis for "Breach of Faith"

G. Gordon Godfrey

Macro-Man lies dead on the ground, having been killed by Captain Marvel's lightning. Reporter Gwyneth Tate interviews psychologist G. Gordon Godfrey at the scene. Godfrey declares that super-heroes are lawless vigilantes who have no place in modern society. This broadcast is viewed by a child named Lisa Sutton, who finds it ridiculous. Billy Batson stands in the crowd and watches, still traumatized from accidentally killing Macro-Man. Billy is horrified by how easily Godfrey incites the crowd into a bloodthirsty mob. He runs into an alleyway and cries, terrified to transform back into Captain Marvel.

Back on Apokolips, Darkseid observes Billy Batson and laughs at his crushed spirit. It's revealed that Macro-Man was actually an animate possessed by the psionic entity Doctor Bedlam. They rigged Macro-Man to explode at Captain Marvel's lightning. DeSaad explains that Bedlam experienced death and is completely traumatized. Bedlam is sent to Granny Goodness for rehabilitation. The Phantom Stranger arrives to argue with Darkseid about humanity. Darkseid insists that he is liberating mankind from the burden of their free will. The Stranger says that order must be chosen, not imposed. Darkseid begins the second phase of Operation: Humiliation.

Guy Gardner deals with a riot.

Brimstone continues battling the Justice League of America in New York City. Martian Manhunter is powerless because of his weakness to fire. Vibe destroys the ground underneath Brimstone and makes him fall. Brimstone collapses a building on top of them, burying them alive.

Col. Rick Flag visits Deadshot in Riker's Island prison. Deadshot is invited to join the mysterious Task Force X program in exchange for an early release. Bronze Tiger accompanies Flag to keep Deadshot in check. Deadshot agrees and walks out of his cell with Flag.

Batman and Robin stop a hostage situation in a crowded shopping center. The local police are angry that Batman could've gotten someone hurt, but Commissioner Gordon defends Batman. The crowd agrees that Batman is a menace, and they violently attack Robin. Batman tries to intervene, but someone blinds him by hurling a perfume bottle. Gordon rushes Batman outside to safety, where the mob is overturning the Batmobile. Gordon tells Batman that he must leave the scene, because his presence is inciting violence.

Ronald Reagan forbids superhero activity.

In Chicago, Blue Beetle takes down a drug dealer named Wheeler. The police arrive immediately, furious at Beetle. It's revealed that they had been observing Wheeler for weeks, waiting to find his connection. Blue Beetle ruined their sting. Wheeler insists that Blue Beetle is his drug connection, and the police try to arrest Blue Beetle. The Beetles flees into his Bug aircraft, while the police shoot at him with lethal intent.

Guy Gardner of the Green Lantern Corps tries to rescue a damaged plane over Los Angeles. The plane nearly crashes, but he manages to land it on the freeway. When Guy descends, the local civilians yell at him for stopping traffic and endangering lives. Guy tells them to take it up with their congressman and flies away.

Robin is beaten by the mob.

Cosmic Boy wakes up in Titans Tower after the fight with Brimstone. Changeling and The Flash found him stumbling around and brought him to the tower, so he could recuperate. Cosmic Boy tells them that the lady he loves is still caught in this insanity, and he has to find her. Professor Ivo watches Cosmic Boy on TV, and declares that it is time for his revenge on the Justice League.

President Reagan talks to Superman while watching Godfrey and the riots on TV. Superman says that Reagan can't blame super-heroes when Godfrey is the one inciting violence. Despite this, Reagan believes he must act in the name of the public good. Reagan issues an executive order declaring that all costumed super-heroes must cease their activities until the crisis has passed. This includes Superman.

Two police officers in Gotham find Robin beaten unconscious by the mob.

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  • The marquee on the movie theatre next to Brimstone's right foot reads "Brother Power the Geek: The Movie". Brother Power is a DC Comics character who is basically a store mannequin brought to life.
  • Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George Schultz and Caspar Weinberger were all actual members of the U.S. presidential administration in 1986.

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