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"Cry 'Havoc... !":

Darkseid sends DeSaad to Skartaris.

In Star City, two police officers argue about the presidential edict outlawing superheroes. Their car crashes when they are attacked by

Quote1.png Who among you will be the first to lend his heart, his mind, his soul -- to the cause of a new America? Who will be the first to become -- a Warhound! Quote2.png
G. Gordon Godfrey

Legends #4 is an issue of the series Legends (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1987.

Synopsis for "Cry 'Havoc... !"

Darkseid sends DeSaad to Skartaris.

In Star City, two police officers argue about the presidential edict outlawing superheroes. Their car crashes when they are attacked by Count Vertigo, who is robbing a nearby bank. Black Canary arrives and takes down Vertigo, rescuing the officers. The anti-hero officer threatens to shoot her, and the pro-hero officer wrestles with his partner's gun. This gives Black Canary enough time to escape, but the pro-hero officer is killed in the struggle. The anti-hero officer blames this on Black Canary, believing that she forced him to shoot his partner. Darkseid and the Phantom Stranger watch in a nearby alley. Darkseid says that humanity easily turns savage when you break down their society. Phantom Stranger asks if this is also true inside the Earth, in Skartaris, where Warlord is the champion of humanity. Darkseid sends DeSaad through a Boom Tube to destroy Warlord.

The Joker murders several people with poison for his girlfriend, a conceptual artist called Fungus Soufflé. They kiss over the corpses. Batman arrives and takes down the Joker's henchmen. The Joker threatens to shoot his girlfriend, to her surprise and horror. Batman explains that it is lucky he chose to ignore the presidential order. He distracts Joker with a batarang, then punches him out. Batman says that he should kill the Joker for what he did to Catwoman, but then he would be no better than the Joker is.

Doctor Fate gets involved.

Ms. Magnificent and her Pretty Boys try to break into an armored vault in Los Angeles. They are stopped by a giant green monster, and this is revealed to be a construct made by Guy Gardner. Gardner, also ignoring the presidential edict, takes Ms. Magnificent away.

Chronos tries to rob an antique clock exhibit in Chicago, by knocking the exhibitors out with a sexy robot. He is interrupted by Blue Beetle, who punches him in his stupid face. Chronos blows up the robot and escapes out the window. Blue Beetle tries to pursue Chronos, but he is held back by police officers. They try to arrest Blue Beetle, but Beetle escapes outside into his flying Bug.

Kent Nelson sits in the Tower of Fate in Salem, watching the anti-hero riots through the Orb of Nabu. Nelson decides that he must become Doctor Fate again and intervene. His wife Inza Cramer hates the Helmet of Fate, because she worries that her husband won't come back to her. Kent has no choice and he puts the helmet on, instantly becoming possessed by the wizard Nabu. Doctor Fate leaves, and Inza resigns herself to wait until he returns.

Godfrey organizes revolution.

Amanda Waller argues with the criminals of Task Force X in Washington, D.C.. Captain Boomerang demands that he be released as per their agreement, and Waller refuses. Rick Flag disobeys her and turns off the explosive bracelets, letting Boomerang and Deadshot go free.

G. Gordon Godfrey holds an anti-hero rally in Gotham City. He tells the crowd that their government is not representing them. President Reagan has ordered the police to arrest Godfrey. Godfrey tells his followers they must overthrow the government. To accomplish this, he unveils the Warhounds and asks who will become the first Warhound.

Captain Boomerang begins a crime spree in New York immediately after being released. The new Flash tries to stop him, but isn't as fast as his predecessor. Changeling intervenes to help. The Flash insists he must do this on his own. They are all attacked by Warhounds.

Darkseid brags to the Phantom Stranger that Operation: Humiliation is going precisely according to plan. Phantom Stranger says that Darkseid can never succeed as long as Superman lives, because Superman is the single greatest force for good on Earth. Darkseid says that this might be true on Earth, so he will bring Superman to Apokolips.

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  • The title of this story and the next issue's comes from a line in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which goes "Cry 'havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!"

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