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"...and Let Slip the Dogs of War!":
Captain Marvel 0023

Captain Marvel returns.

Billy Batson walks through streets that have been devastated by the anti-hero riots. He is still traumatized by the death of [[M

Quote1 Fate is never alone! Along the twisted paths I walk, others are ever at my side -- in spirit if not in fact! They are those who serve the cause of justice! Quote2
Doctor Fate

Legends #5 is an issue of the series Legends (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1987.

Synopsis for "...and Let Slip the Dogs of War!"

Captain Marvel 0023

Captain Marvel returns.

Billy Batson walks through streets that have been devastated by the anti-hero riots. He is still traumatized by the death of Macro-Man, who he falsely believes that he killed. Billy's friend Lisa Sutton catches up to him and tries to comfort him. They see rioters burning an effigy of Superman, and Lisa runs over to argue with these people. Lisa is knocked unconscious by debris, and Billy decides that he must become Captain Marvel again to protect her. The second that he transforms into Captain Marvel, the "wisdom of Solomon" helps him realize that Macro-Man was a setup. Now confident in his own innocence, Captain Marvel tries to disperse the rioters. Time suddenly freezes. Doctor Fate appears and tells Captain Marvel to come with him.

Black Canary runs through the streets in Star City. She has chosen to disobey the presidential edict that outlawed superheroes. This has made her a fugitive from the law. Despite this, she takes down a criminal gang called the Laser League. Doctor Fate arrives to take her away also.

Guy Gardner battles a new villain called Sunspot in Los Angeles. Sunspot vows to remake the world in his own image, and create a new universe. Gardner lazily fools around, using his ring to easily outwit Sunspot. This concludes with Sunspot accidentally shooting himself in the foot and blowing it off while trying to escape. Doctor Fate arrives to summon Guy Gardner as well.

G Gordon Godfrey 0010

G. Gordon Godfrey and Captain Boomerang

Blue Beetle patrols Chicago. He is still uneasy about his recent encounter with Chronos. Chronos is back behind bars, but Blue Beetle still does not know the "master plan" Chronos was talking about. Blue Beetle rests on the side of a building, and a naked woman yells at him for being a peeping tom. He leaps away, and Doctor Fate arrives to summon him.

Batman notices that Gotham City is quiet, although he believes that this will not last long. It was easy for G. Gordon Godfrey to turn the public against him, because he has always encouraged people to fear him. However, he knows that somebody who could turn people against Superman must have unnatural powers. Batman knows that he has seen Godfrey before, but can't figure out where. Doctor Fate arrives to summon Batman.

Doctor Fate 0016

Doctor Fate in the White House

Changeling and The Flash are attacked by Godfrey's riot in New York City. Captain Boomerang helps them by attacking Godfrey's Warhounds with his boomerangs. They are shocked to learn that the Warhounds have living people inside. Captain Boomerang tries to flee, but the mob catches him. They decide to take him to Godfrey. Changeling and The Flash are recruited by Doctor Fate.

Superman talks to President Reagan in the White House. Godfrey is now actively trying to stage a coup. Reagan remarks that most heroes have disobeyed his edict, excluding Superman. They sent the military to deal with Godfrey, but most of their soldiers defected. Doctor Fate suddenly appears inside the White House. Reagan tells Doctor Fate that he is breaking the law, and Fate responds that he serves a higher authority. Superman is also taken by Doctor Fate.

G. Gordon Godfrey holds another rally in Metropolis. The crowds cheer as he tells them that all superheroes must be destroyed. Captain Boomerang is dragged in front of Godfrey. Boomerang protests that he has civil rights, and the crowd calls for Boomerang to be lynched. Realizing that they are on live TV, Boomerang makes a subtle threat that he will go public about Task Force X unless he is rescued. Amanda Waller watches this broadcast and is extremely displeased. Waller orders Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad to rescue Captain Boomerang or eliminate him. Flag angrily refuses to commit murder, and Waller tells him that he might not have a choice. This infuriates Flag, but he will do whatever it takes to protect Task Force X.

Doctor Fate 0021

The heroes challenge Godfrey.

Godfrey holds his next rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.. The gigantic crowd roars as he talks about overthrowing the government. Doctor Fate arrives with his group of heroes to challenge Godfrey. Godfrey says that they are alone, and Fate replies that those who serve justice are never alone.

Darkseid watches these events unfold from his throneroom on Apokolips. He tells Phantom Stranger that there is still time to concede in their argument. Phantom Stranger insists that the heroic ideal is too much a part of humanity to ever be truly eradicated. Darkseid replies that it is over already. The heroes will be forced to battle those they claim to protect, or allow themselves to be destroyed. Either way, Darkseid has already won.

Robin watches these events on TV in his hospital bed. Despite his severe injuries, he refuses to rest while others are putting themselves in danger. Nobody will fight his battles for him. He puts on his costume, while still wearing an arm cast and a leg cast. Using a crutch, Robin slowly hobbles out of the hospital.

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  • Darkseid's armor is incorrectly colored purple on one page of this issue.
  • Contains flashback imagery from Legends #12.
  • The character of Sunspot, as seen in this issue, is not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character of the same name. 1st and only appearance to date. He might just possibly be intended as a parody of Jim Shooter.
  • This issue is reprinted in Legends.


  • The title of this story and the previous issue's comes from a line in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which goes "Cry 'havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!"

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