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G Gordon Godfrey 0014

Godfrey slaps Lisa Sutton.

Darkseid boasts to Phantom Stranger that he is winning their bet, and Earth is going t

Quote1 What constitutes a legend? Is it powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men -- or is it a fighting heart that refuses to acknowledge defeat? For centuries beyond numbering, from the ancient campfire to the towering condominium, man has relied on his legends to hold back the night! Quote2
The Phantom Stranger

Legends #6 is an issue of the series Legends (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1987.

Synopsis for "Finale!"

G Gordon Godfrey 0014

Godfrey slaps Lisa Sutton.

Darkseid boasts to Phantom Stranger that he is winning their bet, and Earth is going to crumble. Glorious Godfrey is leading an anti-hero rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Captain Marvel retired because they convinced him that he murdered Macro-Man. Brimstone destroyed and humiliated the Justice League of America. President Reagan issued an executive order banning all superheroes, including Superman. Darkseid believes that humanity will rise up and destroy its own heroes out of jealousy.

The rally held by Godfrey has started to burn superhero effigies. Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Changeling, Doctor Fate, The Flash, Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter, and Superman gather to stop him. Godfrey sends his Warhounds to attack the heroes, and they have to pull their punches because innocent people are inside. This fails, so Godfrey opens a Boom Tube and Washington, D.C. is attacked by an army of Parademons. The heroes fly in every direction to rescue innocents. Doctor Fate attempts to reason with the angry mob. His Helmet is stolen by a Parademon, reducing his powers, and he flies away before the mob can tear him apart.

Wonder Woman 0036

Wonder Woman reveals herself.

Godfrey leaves the mob behind to deal with his hostage, Captain Boomerang. He demands that Boomerang give him information about the Suicide Squad. Rick Flag arrives with the Suicide Squad, under orders to rescue Boomerang or kill him before he reveals their secrets. Deadshot tries to execute Boomerang, but Flag stops him. Enchantress uses her magic powers to destroy the Warhounds holding Boomerang captive, and Godfrey flees. Bronze Tiger pursues Godfrey, but Godfrey uses mind control to make him another slave. Captain Boomerang tells Flag it's good to see him, and Flag punches him in the face. Flag remarks that Boomerang is now a permanent member of Task Force X.

Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Changeling, and The Flash deal with rioters. Guy Gardner tries to stop the Warhounds, who have gone crazy and started attacking the crowd. Captain Marvel and Superman round up all the Parademons. Wonder Woman decides to help Gardner, revealing herself to the public for the first time. Gardner tries to hit on her, and she tells him that she is nobody's "babe."

G Gordon Godfrey 0015

Fate defeats Godfrey.

The White House is attacked by masked gunman under Godfrey's influence. They blow a hole in the wall of the Oval Office so they can kill the President. They shoot at President Reagan, but their bullets bounce off his chest. It is revealed that this was simply Martian Manhunter posing as the President, and he easily dispatches the gunmen. Martian Manhunter leaves to rejoin the rest of the fight. President Reagan decides to rescind his executive order banning superheroes, effective immediately.

The heroes regroup, standing together with the mob surrounding them on every side. The mob are ready to tear them apart, and Godfrey gives the order to kill. They are interrupted by the local children, who form a barrier around the heroes. The children insist that they will not let anyone touch their heroes. Robin arrives in his crippled state, helping the children reason with the crowd. Lisa Sutton acts as their voice, and tells the crowd they should believe in heroes because they can all be heroes. Godfrey is angered by this, and he slaps her in the face. The crowd turns on Godfrey when they see him hitting a child. Godfrey sees that he is losing control, so he puts on the Helmet of Fate to amplify his powers. This fails horribly, and the power inside it knocks him out. Doctor Fate takes his helmet back. Bronze Tiger escapes through the crowd before he can be seen. The crowd recover from their brainwashing, and they ask the heroes to forgive them.

Phantom Stranger 032

Phantom Stranger

Guy Gardner is still angry, because he believes Godfrey could not have done that if people didn't really resent them. Captain Marvel tells him they must accept a certain amount of mistrust, because being a superhero means standing apart from society. Wonder Woman says that whether they are worshipped or reviled, there will always be a need for heroes. Doctor Fate adds to this, and says there is need for a brotherhood of heroes. The Justice League has disbanded, but a League is more necessary than ever. Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Guy Gardner, and Martian Manhunter agree to be part of this new League. Changeling and The Flash decide to stay with the Titans, and Superman decides to continue working independently. They turn to Wonder Woman and realize she has already disappeared.

Darkseid 0024

Darkseid promises to return.

Batman remarks that they will see Wonder Woman again, and Martian Manhunter agrees that she is the very essence of the term "hero." Captain Marvel asks what they should call themselves now. Doctor Fate says this is obvious. Blue Beetle reminds them that the name "Justice League" is currently going unused.

Back on Apokolips, Phantom Stranger gloats to Darkseid. Phantom Stranger says that Darkseid never understood how important legends are to the human psyche. Instead of destroying the concept of legends, he simply reaffirmed them. Darkseid insists that his plan was perfect, humans are simply too unpredictable. Despite this setback, he believes humanity is still destined to fall before him. Phantom Stranger looks over the heroes who have assembled, and says that he is proud to stand in their company.

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  • This comic book contains no advertisements.
  • How Lisa Sutton managed to travel from Fawcett City to Washington in such a short period of time is never explained.

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