"The Only Law West of Andromeda!": 1882

Quote1 He has come a long way to stop me. But here, on your world, I have found the ultimate weapon against him. Gold! Let's ride! Quote2
Devlos Ungol

Legends of the DC Universe #20 is an issue of the series Legends of the DC Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1999.

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Synopsis for "The Only Law West of Andromeda!"

Green Lantern Abin Sur comes to Earth and lands in the Arizona territory. He is set upon by three ruffians who mistake him for an Indian and try to kill him. Abin Sur's ring protects him from their bullets, and the bandits are apprehended by U.S. Marshal Henry Lee Jordan. Jordan befriends Abin Sur and does not seem overly affected by his costume and appearance. Abin Sur tells Jordan that he has come to Earth in search of an alien murderer named Devlos Ungol. Also known as the "Traitor", Ungol is responsible for murdering Abin Sur's predecessor, Starkaðr. Marshal Jordan agrees to help Abin Sur and the two travel to the nearby town of Coffin Springs. Jordan suggests to Abin that he should don clothing more in keeping with his environment. Meanwhile, Devlos Ungol, now going by the Earth name Mr. Tor, learns of Abin Sur's arrival and arms his men with gold-tipped bullets.


  • Sheriff Nate Kent was one of the main characters from The Kents limited series.
  • This issue shows that Abin Sur's native race, the Ungarans, have a lifespan significantly longer than a normal Earth human. Abin Sur appears to be in his prime and looks no less hearty than he does decades later when he first encounters Hal Jordan.


  • Henry Lee Jordan is obviously intended as an ancestor to Abin Sur's successor, Hal Jordan.

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