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"The Culling Part Three: Unbeatable": The Teen Titans and the Legion Lost are attacked by Harvest. Tellus connects everybody telep

Legion Lost (Volume 2) #9 is an issue of the series Legion Lost (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2012. It was published on May 9, 2012.

Synopsis for "The Culling Part Three: Unbeatable"

The Teen Titans and the Legion Lost are attacked by Harvest. Tellus connects everybody telepathically so they can provide a plan. Dawnstar, Chameleon Girl, Gates and Bunker are ordered to safe the other children and find a way out. Thunder, Lightning, Beast Boy and Terra come with them. Chameleon Girl decides to attack Harvest but is easily defeated as he calls her by her real name. Timber Wolf, Wildfire and Kid Flash try to attack him but none of them is successfull. As Red Robin suggets in his thoughts to attack Harvest from multiple sides, Harvest reveals that he could listen to their telepathic conversations. He also reveals that he wanted the Legion Lost to appear in this particular time.

Meanwhile, on their way up the crucible, Thunder and Lightning find Caitlin Fairchild. All of the sudden Rose appears and starts to fight Caitlin.

Bunker and Gates notice that they lost a part of their team and go back to find their teammates as Gates discovers a Time Bubble in a nearby room. Shortly after that Gates brings the children away from the fighting Rose and Caitlin. Finally Ridge knocks Rose out and follows Caitlin.

Meanwhile Harvest talks about how he plans to save the future by gathering his ravagers but noone believes a word he is saying and after another attack of the Legion Lost he reveals that the virus called hypertaxis would keep mutating until it stops being a lethal plague. Wildfireplans another attack. He opens his suit and sets free a giant blast of his energy, having no effect at all on Harvest who sends the energy back to Wildfire and in his suit.

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