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The second Secret Society, also known as the Legion of Doom, was a union of supervillains founded by Grodd but later taken over by Lex Luthor.


Grodd brought many of Earth's villains together into a second incarnation of his Secret Society. They would pay a tribute to take care of overhead, and could rely on each other's help. All this had a greater goal, but Grodd was unwilling to reveal it.

When the plan was revealed - Grodd wanted to rewrite human DNA into becoming gorillas - Luthor usurped the throne. Luthor also had his own agenda - he wanted to reconstitute Brainiac.

Tala eventually released Grodd from captivity, and mounted a large attack on Luthor's camp. In the end, Grodd and Tala were killed, and Luthor won. However, only few survived as Darkseid blew up the spaceship they were in.


Transportation: A Hall of Doom which was eventually modified for space travel.


  • The Legion of Doom team name is used on the package of the Justice League Unlimited - Season Two DVD collection, but is hardly ever used in any of the episodes by any of the characters.

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