Grodd brought many of Earth's villains together into a third incarnation of his Secret Society. They would pay a tribute to take care of overhead, and could rely on each other's help. All this had a greater goal, but Grodd was unwilling to reveal it.

When the plan was revealed - Grodd wanted to rewrite human DNA into becoming gorillas - Luthor usurped the throne. Luthor also had his own agenda - he wanted to reconstitute Brainiac.

Tala eventually released Grodd from captivity, and mounted a large attack on Luthor's camp. In the end, Grodd and Tala were killed, and Luthor won. However, only few survived as Darkseid blew up the spaceship they were in.


Transportation: A Hall of Doom which was eventually modified for space travel.


  • The Legion Of Doom team name is used on the package of the Justice League Unlimited - Season Two DVD collection, but is hardly ever used in any of the episodes by any of the characters.
  • Of the members of the Challenge Of The Superfriends version of the Legion of Doom that appeared in this version, they include Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Cheetah, Grodd, Giganta, Black Manta (as Devil Ray), Toyman, and Bizarro. Riddler and Scarecrow were not included due to the "bat embargo" preventing the use of most of the characters and villains from the Batman-related DCAU series, and Solomon Grundy was killed prior to the formation of this version of the Legion of Doom. Captain Cold appeared in the same season of Justice League Unlimited as the DCAU Legion of Doom, but in an unrelated episode. Brainiac appears only as an illusion inside Luthor's head.


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