Quote1.png Banded together from remote galaxies, thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time - the Legion of Doom! Quote2.png

Lex Luthor called a group of supervillains together to form a Legion of Doom in response to the formation of the Super Friends.


Sinestro remarked they needed a headquarters.

Black Manta suggested the headquarters should be at the bottom of the ocean, while Captain Cold said it should be under the ice of the polar cap, and Grodd said the jungle was the only logical choice. Luthor proclaimed they would compromise and the headquarters would be in the swamp hidden beneath its murky waters.[1]

The resulting dome-shaped headquarters was called the Hall of Doom and was capable of all sorts of travel.



  • Dream Machine: Allows the user to control the subject when they are dreaming. Luthor programmed the device to not work on the Legion of Doom.[2]
  • Mutation device: Turns everyone it hits into Bizarros and Cheetahs.[2]
  • Cloaking Device: Can make an entire planet invisible.[3]
  • Interspacial Time Conveyor: Opens a "door" into the past.[4] A variant of this device was incorporated into the Hall of Doom allowing it to travel through time.[5] It is unclear if this device was further modified to allow travel between dimensions or that was another device.[6]
  • Radar Scrambler: makes the user virtually invisible to radar.[7]
  • Androids: robotic duplicates of actual people.[8]
  • Propulsion Activator: allows the Hall of Doom to tunnel underground.[9]



  • Crystalizing Ray: turns the person its hit into crystal.[10]
  • Noximum[11]


  • The name of Dr. Natas is sometimes rendered "Dr. Nataz" because of the way it is pronounced. Spelled backwards Natas becomes Satan which fits the whole idea of the Legion of Doom.


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