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The Legion of Substitute Heroes was a team of heroes rejected for the Legion of Super-Heroes, who decided to form their own team.


The Legion of Substitute Heroes was founded by Polar Boy, Night Girl, Stone Boy, Fire Lad, and Chlorophyll Kid, five young heroes whose powers were not sufficient to earn them membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Their main arch nemesis was Captain Freeze. After receiving a consolation prize (a Legion Flight Belt), the five disconsolate teenagers decided to form a group that could pinch hit for the Legion. After several failures as superheroes, the Subs manage to save the Earth from an invasion by Plant Men while the Legion is off planet fighting a decoy armada of robot space ships. These Plant Men, the Legion later finds out, were sent to earth by Captain Freeze who wanted to use them to distract the Legion while he goes and steals the Mighty Shrink Ray. However the plot is foiled when Night Girl sees Captain Freeze sneaking into the Lab and he is caught and exiled to the planet Navoru.

At first operating in secrecy, the Legion of Substitute Heroes is gradually recognized by the real Legion as a valuable asset.

Legion of Substitute Heroes


Equipment: Legion Flight Belt

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