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The Legion of Super-Heroes investigate when a U.P. ambassador from Winath is assassinated. Cosmic Boy, Timber Wolf, Tyroc, and [[Jo Nah (Pr

Consequences is a Legion of Super-Heroes storyline written by Paul Levitz with illustrations by Yildiray Cinar. It is published in the sixth volume of Legion of Super-Heroes and the second volume of Adventure Comics. This is published following The Choice and The Early Years. The story continues in When Evil Calls.


The Legion of Super-Heroes investigate when a U.P. ambassador from Winath is assassinated. Cosmic Boy, Timber Wolf, Tyroc, and Ultra Boy protect the other politicians from Durlan terrorists. Mon-El fights Earth-Man, who is now dating Mon-El's ex-girlfriend Shadow Lass. Brainiac 5 visits the new Time Institute on Naltor to investigate Harmonia Li.[1] Dawnstar, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Sun Boy, Tellus, and Wildfire deal with natural disasters in Africa. Dyogene returns to Earth and inducts Mon-El to the Green Lantern Corps, causing him to leave the Legion.[2] Colossal Boy and Dream Girl protect R.J. Brande's assistant from the Durlan terrorists. It's explained that the Durlans are attacking everyone who was involved with Brande's death. Kimball Zendak reveals himself as a Durlan impostor and tries to kill Cosmic Boy. The Legion vote on their new leader, and Mon-El wins in a close election against Brainiac 5.[3] Mon-El continues working as the new Green Lantern with Dyogene. He defeats the villain Sun Killer who is attempting to rescue Saturn Queen from Legion custody.[4] Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy visit Durla to learn more about the terrorists. Timber Wolf and Tyroc are assigned to guard duty, and they stop a Durlan disguised as R.J. Brande from killing more councilors. Gigi Cusimano is heartbroken when Tellus confirms that Kimball Zendak is truly dead.[5] Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet are captured on Orando by a new Emerald Empress. They defeat her and temporarily destroy the Emerald Eye. This encounter makes Sensor Girl decide to leave the Legion so she can spend more time with her people.[6] Mon-El declines to be leader, and Brainiac 5 takes over as deputy leader. Together with Chameleon Boy, they work to uncover the true plan of the Durlan terrorists. It is revealed that Chameleon Boy's aunt R'aesha killed Zendak and the senator to hide her real scheme. They stop her from stealing R.J. Brande's fortune.[7]


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