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The Legion of Super-Heroes is 30th Century's super-team.


Superman was a member in the past. The team was founded by Mon-El when he arrived in the future due to his desire to emulate the heroes of the 21st Century.

Six members of the Legion went back to the past but their ship malfunctioned and they spent 12,000 years in suspended animation until Supergirl and the D.E.O. found dug up their vessel buried beneath National City.





  • As of the episode "Back From the Future - Part Two", seven members have been confirmed: Mon-El, Imra Ardeen, Brainiac-5, Chameleon, Nura Nal, Ayla Ranzz and Chemical King.
    • However, other members from the comics have appeared or been mentioned despite being unconfirmed as members, such as Lightning Lad, Val and XS.

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