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Quote1 The Legion of Super-Heroes had hope...they hoped to stop The Undoing from eating the stars. They believed in their strength as a team. That together they could beat the odds. But The Undoing took them, too. Quote2
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The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team of the greatest heroes of the 31st Century. Temporarily disbanded following a Titanian plot, they reunited stronger than ever.


The Legion of Super-Heroes were one of the primary heroic forces in the 31st Century. They disbanded, however, after the apparent betrayal of one of their own, Element Lad. The Trommite led his people on a rampage across the galaxy, with their element-manipulating abilities destroying entire planets. The Legion and the United Planets both collapsed from the attack, with the Legionnaires scattering across the galaxy, and several going on to attempt to reform the United Planets to repair the damage.[1]

Jo Nah, formerly the Legion's Ultra Boy, refused to see this happen. He gathered up his closest allies in the Legion, such as Brainiac 7 and Saturn Girl, in an attempt to bring Element Lad to justice.[1] This new Legion soon discovered, however, that Element Lad had not acted of his own accord--he and his people had been secretly manipulated and forced into their attack by Saturn Girl's people, the telepathic Titanians. With the help of her fellow Legionnaires, Saturn Girl managed to separate her people from the rest of the universe, to ensure they could never try such a scheme again. With the Titanians gone, the Legion members decided to stay active, to protect the universe once more.[2]

At some point, the Legion, allied with members of the House of El, attempted to stand against an Undoing of the universe, but fell short of stopping it, and the group perished in the process.[3]

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