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The Batch SW6 Legion, more commonly known as the Legionnaires, were a group of time paradox duplicates of the original Legion of Super-Heroes active during the "Five Years Later" era. Originally they were believed to be clones developed by the Dominators, but it was later revealed that their creation had actually been engineered by the Time Trapper.[1]


Attempting to prevent the cataclysmic destruction to the entire 31st Century that would take place during the events of Zero Hour, the Time Trapper created temporal duplicates of the Legion of Super-Heroes, from the point in time when he believed they were at their strongest, just prior to the death of Ferro Lad.[2] The duplicate Legionnaires were placed in stasis for many years, and remained much younger than their regular counterparts until their awakening.[3] During their period in stasis, they were also discovered by the Dominators, who claimed them as their own for research purposes. After meeting the present-day Legion of Super-Heroes, the SW6 Legionnaires decided to form their own exclusive team, which was led by the more experienced mainstream version of Chameleon Boy. Also, several other non-SW6 members joined this team, including Computo II, Catspaw, Dragonmage and Kid Quantum. However, Zero Hour eventually proved to be inevitable, and it turned out that despite the Trapper's intentions, the time paradox duplicates had actually been weakening the Timestream. Most of the SW6 Legionnaires, along with their counterparts, were erased from the Timestream by waves of entropy during the Crisis. Eventually, working with the Time Trapper, in order to save the entire future, the remaining members were forced to give up their own lives, bonding with their regular counterparts, in order to preserve the balance of time.[4] This would lead to a more secure remolding of the future, and the conception of an entirely new and different version of the Legion, erasing both the previous ones from existence.[5]

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