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Legion of Super-Heroes was an animated series starring the future generation heroes, that ran for two seasons from 2006 to 2008. Alongside it, a tie-in comic book was also published under the name Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century (Volume 1).


Legionnaires (Original Team)[]

Character Voice Actor
Bouncing Boy Michael Cornacchia
Brainiac 5 Adam Wylie
Lightning Lad Andy Milder
Phantom Girl Heather Hogan
Saturn Girl Kari Wahlgren
Superman Yuri Lowenthal
Triplicate Girl Kari Wahlgren

Legionnaires (additional members)[]

Character Voice Actor
Chameleon Boy Alexander Polinsky
Colossal Boy Adam Wylie
Cosmic Boy Wil Wheaton
Ferro Lad Dave Wittenberg
Matter Eater Lad Alexander Polinsky
Shrinking Violet Kari Wahlgren
Sun Boy Non-speaking role
Superman X Yuri Lowenthal
Timber Wolf Shawn Harrison
Ultra Boy James Arnold Taylor

Fatal Five[]

Character Voice Actor
Emerald Empress Jennifer Hale (season 1)
Tara Strong (season 2)
Mano N/A
Persuader David Sobolov
Tharok David Lodge
Validus N/A

Legion of Super-Villains[]

Character Voice Actor
Lightning Lord James Arnold Taylor
Esper Tara Strong
Hunter Khary Payton
Ron-Karr Shawn Harrison
Wave N/A
Tyr Khary Payton


Season One[]

Episode Air Date
"Man of Tomorrow" September 23, 2006
"Timber Wolf" September 30, 2006
"Legacy" October 7, 2006
"Phantoms" November 4, 2006
"Champions" November 11, 2006
"Fear Factory" November 18, 2006
"Brain Drain" February 3, 2007
"Lightning Storm" February 10, 2007
"The Substitutes" February 17, 2007
"Child's Play" February 24, 2007
"Chain of Command" March 3, 2007
"Sundown, Part I" April 28, 2007
"Sundown, Part II" May 5, 2007

Season Two[]

Episode Air Date
"The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Part I" September 22, 2007
"The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Part II" September 29, 2007
"Cry Wolf" October 6, 2007
"Chained Lightning" October 13, 2007
"The Karate Kid" October 27, 2007
"Who Am I?" November 3, 2007
"Unnatural Alliances" November 17, 2007
"Message in a Bottle" December 1, 2007
"In the Beginning" March 8, 2008
"Trials" March 15, 2008
"In Your Dreams" March 22, 2008
"Dark Victory, Part I" March 29, 2008
"Dark Victory, Part II" April 5, 2008