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The Legion of Super-Heroes are the protectors of the galaxy in the 30th Century. Consequently, their enemies are spread all across the cosmos and include all kind of super-villains, alien empires and extremely powerful entities.

Membership History

Super-Villain Teams

  • Fatal Five: The main enemies of the Legion.
    • Emerald Empress: The leader of the Fatal Five.
    • Tharok: A cyborg and a major member of the Fatal Five.
    • Validus: The time displaced son of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, who was brainwashed by Darkseid.
    • Mano: The last survivor of his planet, with the power to project large amounts of energy from his hand.
    • Persuader: The top hired killer in the galaxy, wields the Atomic Axe.
  • Legion of Super-Villains: In order to try to offset the Legion's advantage in numbers, three villains came together and assembled their own Legion of Super-Villains. Their ranks are ever-changing, but their main leaders remain the same:
    • Lightning Lord: The brother of Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass who used his lightning powers for evil.
    • Cosmic King: A leading scientist from the planet Venus who has the power of transmutation.
    • Saturn Queen: A powerful telapath from Saturn.
  • League of Super-Assassins: These villains were survivors of the planet Dryad, manipulated by the Dark Man to believe the Legion caused the destruction of their planet.
    • Dark Man: Secretly a clone of Tharok from the Fatal Five, he manipulated the rest of the League to get revenge against the Legion.
    • Blok: While all the others members continued as criminals, Blok eventually reformed and became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
    • Lazon
    • Mist Master
    • Neutrax
    • Silver Slasher
    • Titania
  • Legion of Super-Rejects
  • Worldkillers:Biological weapons created on Krypton by Kryptonian scientists.
    • Reign:The leader of the Worldkillers and enemy of Supergirl.
    • Deimax:A panther-like monster specializing in mass destruction.
    • Flower of Heaven:An alien embryo with the power to create and manipulate energy.
  • Dark Circle:The Dark Circle were a mysterious insurgent group of the 30th century that sought to conquer the United Planets

Alien Empires

Cosmic Menaces

Minor Villains

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