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Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) began publication in 1980, with issue #259, continuing the numbering sequence from Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Although this is the first ongoing series to spotlight the Legion, the team was also featured in the four-issue Legion of Super-Heroes limited series, which contained reprinted stories from Adventure Comics. This series continued publication under the title Legion of Super-Heroes until issue #313, where it was renamed, Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes. During this time, a second ongoing Legion title, Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 3) began publication, and ran concurrently with Volume 2. With issue #326, Tales of the Legion began reprinting the initial issues from Legion (Volume 3) until its cancellation with issue #354. Volume 3 continued publication for a total of 63 issues, and came to an end in 1987. Numerous relaunch titles and spinoffs have been published since the demise of this title.