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"Great Darkness Saga, Chapter One: And the Servant Shall be a Sign...": Cosmic Boy and a team of four Legionnaires head into the Museum of the Mystic Arts in Mega-[[C

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Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) #290 is an issue of the series Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1982.

Synopsis for "Great Darkness Saga, Chapter One: And the Servant Shall be a Sign..."

Cosmic Boy and a team of four Legionnaires head into the Museum of the Mystic Arts in Mega-California, which has been mysteriously wrecked. Stefanacci, curator of the Museum, believes the intruder was after the Mentachem Wand, which the Museum had recently acquired.

All of sudden a mysterious creature, calling itself a Servant of the Darkness, bursts into the place. In spite of their combined powers, the Legionnaires are unable to prevent him from grabbing the Wand and leaving via a dimensional portal.

Meanwhile, in the Legion Headquarters, Brainiac 5 and Blok discuss Matter-Eater Lad's mental state, and Chameleon Boy being ostracised by his teammates after dragging them off on a suicide mission which almost caused another Earth-Khundia war.

In the meantime, Cosmic Boy's team is arriving in London, following Stefanacci's theory that Excalibur, which had been in the Tower of London Museum since it was retrieved by Supergirl[1], was the likeliest next target. Nonetheless, the group gets attacked on their arrival by another Servant of Darkness, who unlike the former Servant -who had physical powers resembling Superboy's- has psychic powers but is physically weak. Even so, he manages to make off with Excalibur.

Back in the Legion Headquarters, Doctor Gym'll is checking Lightning Lad, who is bedridden and unconscious because of a severe electrical brain dysfunction. All of sudden, Lightning Lad wakes up, asking to see Saturn Girl. At the same time, Imra is feeling conflicted because her husband, sister-in-law and friends will not believe that nothing happened between Timber Wolf and her.

At the same time, in a dead, forgotten planet, the Master of Darkness is feeding off the magic energy contained by the artifacts stolen by his Servants.

Back on Earth, Cosmic Boy decides to return to their Headquarters for getting some extra firepower and determining their enemies' next target.

Following Brainiac 5's predictions, Cosmic Boy, Superboy, Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass, Wildfire and Invisible Kid travel to the Institute of Parapsychological Phenomena of Talok VIII to protect the Orb of Orthanax. There, they run into a female Servant, who is able to manipulate shadows right like Shadow Lass. Right when the Legionnaires are about to take her down, another Servant rushes in the place riding an Astro-Harness, blasts Phantom Girl down, snatches the Orb and escape into another dimensional portal. His female partner rushes towards the portal, but it vanishes before she can reach it. Superboy quickly knocks her out.

The team returns to their Headquarters, right when Element Lad is announcing his candidacy to Legion leader, and both Dream Girl and Ultra Boy announce they'll run against him. While the Legionnaires are arguing, a message of the President of Earth warns them Chameleon Boy will be tried for treason the next day.

Shortly after, Superboy and Shadow Lass are carrying the Servant of Darkness to Computo, while discussing that, for some reason, they got spooked by the first and last Servants respectively. As they are placing the female on a stretcher, Computo has a nightmare because of the Servant's proximity.

Meanwhile, in the barren world, the Master feeds off the Orb. Once he's done, the Master no longers needs or wants to steal power of objects, so he decides to leave his dead world to leech off power of the living.

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  • Although her first regular appearance is in L.E.G.I.O.N. Vol 1 8, Lydea Mallor actually makes a much earlier appearance in this issue, as a member of Darkseid's Servants of Darkness, where a corrupted future version of her fights against the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Supergirl retrieving Excalibur happened in Action Comics #267

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Darkseid versus the Legion of Super-Heroes
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Having survived into the 30th Century, Darkseid has occasionally come into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes. This has happened twice to the Legion of Pre-Zero Hour continuity during both the events of Great Darkness Saga and The Quiet Darkness, and the Post-Zero Hour Legion met him during Legion: Foundations.