"The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Three: Darkness Transcendent": On Takron-Galtos, the Legion are helping repair the damage caused by the Master of Darkness before leaving the planet. Shortly after, the security shuttle transpor

Quote1 You may live to witness my triumph. Live -- to witness the darkness transcendant... and your ultimate, undying doom. Quote2

Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) #292 is an issue of the series Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1982. It was published on July 15, 1982.

Appearing in "The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Three: Darkness Transcendent"

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Synopsis for "The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Three: Darkness Transcendent"

On Takron-Galtos, the Legion are helping repair the damage caused by the Master of Darkness before leaving the planet. Shortly after, the security shuttle transporting Chameleon Boy is arriving in the prison-planet.

Meanwhile, other two Legion Cruisers are descending upon the Sorcerers' World, and heading towards the Teacher's Isle. Dream Girl has foreseen the Legion being defeated by the Servants of Darkness in Zerox, and she hopes to find a way to prevent it.

At the same instant, the Cruiser transporting Mon-El, Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass and Ultra Boy has entered the Zeroxian atmosphere, when they are attacked by four Servants. Maddened, Mon-El flies into the portal and heat-blasts the Master. Mon-El's attack is completely ineffectual, but he recognizes the Master. The Master blasts Mon-El into the planet below, and Mon-El falls into a coma. Though the Master has peered into his mind and learned Mon-El is a Daxamite, and begins developing a new plan.

Meanwhile on Earth, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are using the Legion's computers to learn that the Master cloned a Guardian of the Universe and Superman himself to make his Servants.

At the same time, on the Sorcerers' World, the Legion is trying to warn the Zeroxian wizards of the incoming danger. However, the White Witch's Teachers don't take their warnings seriously until they lift the illusory force-field surrounding their island and see the battle raging. As most of Legionnaires join their teammates, Dream Girl and her sister remain in the Teacher's Island. Mysa's teachers promise to find an enchantment to aid them.

Outside, the Legion tries to fight the Servants, but they're too powerful, and the portal summoned by the Master is tearing down the planet and sucking its very mystic energies.

Meanwhile, the Teachers cast a spell to shift the battle in their favor, and summon something through a space-warp: a baby. White Witch is puzzled, but Dream Girl feels that baby is somehow the opposite of the Master.

Back on Earth, Lightning Lad calls all Legionnaires on active duty.

And on the Sorcerers' World, the Legion is forced to retreat back to the Teacher's Island. Dream Girl warns they must protect the Island no matter what, so Brainiac 5 activates his force field. Nonetheless, the Master has grown tired of the battle, and shatters Brainiac's shields with a single blast. Still, since he's learned valuable information from Mon-El's mind, the Master decides to reward the Legionnaires by letting them live, so they can witness his triumph. He leaves.

Relieved, Dream Girl tells her team about the child summoned by the Teachers, who may be the key to defeat the Master.


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