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"The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Four: Within the Darkness...": The bulk of the Legion sortie in search of the Servants of Darkness, except for the leader Dream Girl and some Legionnaires who have stayed at [[Legion of

Quote1.png Most excellent, mindless ones. You have reshaped this world on which I stand perfectly as I bid. ... Go and conquer the universe for me...for the GOD in whose image you have carved your own world as a monument. Go... for your master... for DARKSEID! Quote2.png
Master of Darkness

Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) #293 is an issue of the series Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1982. It was published on August 19, 1982.

Synopsis for "The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Four: Within the Darkness..."

The bulk of the Legion sortie in search of the Servants of Darkness, except for the leader Dream Girl and some Legionnaires who have stayed at their Headquarters to watch the monitors, the comatose Mon-El, and the baby they picked up in Zerox.

Following a lead, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and Shadow Lass are exploring a deserted planet, when they're ambushed by three Servants.

On Takron-Galtos, Chameleon Boy has just fought off several resentful Durlans when he's visited by his father, who is rather saddened because he didn't even find out about his son's trial until it was over, since Chameleon Boy wouldn't even talk to him to ask for help. Father and son hug each other crying.

Meanwhile, the Master of Darkness teleports in Daxam and starts mass-brainwashing its population.

At the same time, the reservist Legionnaires are approaching the Legion Headquarters, and the Legionnaires taking care of the baby notice the child is aging very rapidly.

Back on Daxam, the Master has finished turning the Daxamites into his slaves, and he makes Daxam and his own world switch places so the Daxamites can bathe in the rays of a yellow sun and gain powers.

Shortly after, Dawnstar and Wildfire are tracking the Master down, followed closely by a Legion Cruiser. Instead of Daxam, though, they find the Master's world. Following a fire-light, both heroes find Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and Shadow Lass unconscious and their ship trashed. Suddenly they are ambushed by three Servants.

Fortunately, four more Legionaires arrive to join their teammates. As Brainiac 5 easily neutralizes the Astro-Harness-wearing Servant by wrapping him up in a force bubble, Wildfire burns the cloned Guardian of the Universe to ashes. The Superman-clone Servant darts towards the group, but is intercepted by the real Superboy, who is wearing a Brainiac's device to keep his powers under a red sun.

On Daxam, the Master orders his mind-controlled slaves to torch their planet's surface and then change his shape to announce his return to the universe.

In the meantime, Superboy is fighting his clone, but Brainiac's gadget gets burned off. His clone wants to kill him, but Element Lad forms a lead shield around Superboy and then turns the rocks surrounding the Superman-clone into Gold Kryptonite. Then Timber Wolf finishes him off. Enraged and frightened, the last Servant manages to break Brainiac 5's force field and leaps into a space warp.

Shortly after, Dream Girl's Cruiser has arrived to pick up her partners. Brainiac 5 then says he has deduced the Master of Darkness' plan, as well as his true identity.

In the meantime, the Daxamites have finished reshaping their world to their Master's image. The Master of Darkness commands them to go and conquer the universe for him... for Darkseid.

Appearing in "The Great Darkness Saga, Chapter Four: Within the Darkness..."

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Synopsis for "Fate is the Killer"

The Sailor of the Solar Winds known as Zodac arrives at the royal palace on the planet, Eternia. He warns the ruling council that the land's most powerful hero must leave Eternia forever or else he risks losing his life. Prince Adam knows that Zodac speaks of his alter ego, He-Man. He leaves the palace and summons the Sorceress in the hopes of gaining clarity as to Zodac's cryptic warning. The Sorceress tells He-Man that his arch-nemesis, Skeletor, is very close to finding the second half of the fabled power-sword. If both halves of the sword are joined, he will have the power to rule all of Eternia.

Meanwhile, Skeletor instructs his henchmen, Mer-Man and Beast-Man to scour the Eternian Sea in search of clues as to the lost sword. He eventually discovers that the sword rests in the oceans of another world in a separate dimension – a world known as Earth.

Skeletor uses the magic at his command to transport the three of them to Earth. They plunge into Earth's oceans and eventually recover one half of the power sword. Meanwhile, the super-hero known as Superman flies out over Metropolis Bay. He fights with a large sea-monster and eventually finds himself trapped in a whirling vortex. The vortex is the dimensional portal used by Skeletor, Beast-Man and Mer-Man for their return trip to Eternia.

Everyone arrives in front of Castle Grayskull. Superman assists in retrieving one of the other missing swords and gives it to He-Man. He-Man and Skeletor fight one another and impale each other upon their respective swords. Skeletor teleports back to his lair to nurse his wounds, leaving He-Man on the ground bleeding. Zadoc arrives and uses his power to heal He-Man. He then creates another dimensional tunnel and returns Superman back to Earth.

Appearing in "Fate is the Killer"

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Darkseid versus the Legion of Super-Heroes
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Having survived into the 30th Century, Darkseid has occasionally come into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes. This has happened twice to the Legion of Pre-Zero Hour continuity during both the events of Great Darkness Saga and The Quiet Darkness, and the Post-Zero Hour Legion met him during Legion: Foundations.