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The Legion of Super-Villains is a feared coalition of fanatical terrorists created to be the antithesis to the peacekeeping/law-enforcement squad called the Legion of Super-Heroes. As one of the chief threats to preservation of the peace in the 30th Century/31st Century United Planets, the Super-Villains have vowed to slay their opposite numbers, the Legionnaires, and bring chaos to the galaxy. In the pursuit of this goal, there is no obscenity too low for them to stoop down to; the only principle observed by the LSV is the open embrace of evil as a way of life.


Standard Pre-Zero Hour Timeline

The story of the Legion of Super-Villains begins with Tarik the Mute, a man whose larynx was destroyed by stray laser-fire in a shoot-out between the Science Police and a gang of bank robbers. Although Tarik's muteness was compensated for by the provision of an electronic implant that would interpret his speech intentions and broadcast them for a robot companion to vocalize, Tarik swore revenge against all agents that claim to uphold the law, out of disgust with how the law failed to protect him. Thus did Tarik brainstorm the idea of running an underground academy for extraordinary wayward youths, to further corrupt them and hone their natural talents in preparation for a future life of crime. Tarik took the parents of Legionnaire Gim Allon, alias Colossal Boy, hostage, in order to compel Gim to smuggle confidential information about the training and admission procedures of the LSH for his own organization to adopt in imitation. Gim was caught in the act and expelled from the Legion for his treachery, although further investigation by the Legion Espionage Squad, consisting of Superboy, Chameleon Boy, Chemical King, and Timber Wolf, discovered Tarik's operations and the cause for Colossal Boy's turncoat behavior. The LSH and the Science Police then converged on Tarik's hideout and captured both Tarik and all the members of his Legion of Super-Villains. Tarik's group of young criminals at this time contained the likes of Lightning Lord, Nemesis Kid, Ron-Karr, Radiation Roy, and Spider Girl.[2][3]

A later lineup of the LSV led by Sun Emperor, consisting of Nemesis Kid, Lightning Lord, Spider Girl, Radiation Roy, and Chameleon Chief, plotted the assassination of Dr. Larx Kenrik, who was to be presented with the Universal Trophy in a public ceremony by the LSH to honor his work in facilitating intergalactic peace and diplomacy. The Super-Villains aimed to accomplish this by brainwashing Jonathan and Martha Kent in the Smallville of the 20th Century while Superboy and Mon-El were on furlough in that time and place, as well as Ultra Boy's parents Crav and Mytra Nah on the planet Rimbor. The mental programming would kick in with Superboy, Mon-El, and Ultra Boy in their presence and compel them to use technological gimmickry provided to them by the Super-Villains to detain the Legionnaires in question. This was to ensure that the three Legionnaires with X-ray vision powers would be taken out of the game long enough for the LSV to put the rest of their plan together, as the ability to see through disguises could potentially ruin it. The next part of the plan concerned infiltrating Legion HQ and infusing the Universal Trophy with an explosive energy charge that would detonate once both Larx Kenrik and Sun Boy, the Legion's acting leader in Mon-El's absence, had placed their hands upon it for the photo op. Consequently, the trophy would explode with enough force to demolish Legion HQ, kill all the people present, including Kenrik and half the Legion, and put the other half of the LSH in suspicion with the Science Police of having arranged the terroristic act. Fortunately, the plan never came to fruition, due to Chameleon Chief being detected by the LSH in his attempted infiltration and replaced by Chameleon Boy to counter-infiltrate the LSV. At the exact instant the Super-Villains realized that the Universal Trophy would not explode while watching the broadcast of the public ceremony, the Legionnaires came barging into their lair and made short work of the group.[4]

In following decades, the LSV would come under the leadership of Nemesis Kid and develop a cult-like character, as each serving member was required to make a blood-oath to extinguish the life of a counterpart in the Legion of Super-Heroes or die themselves. This vastly expanded version of the Legion of Super-Villains launched an all-out invasion of the planet of Orando, where Karate Kid lost his life in battle against Nemesis Kid before the latter was executed in turn by Princess Projectra.[5][6][7][8][9][10] The Legion of Super-Villains would experience a resurgence when Superboy-Prime (apparently some sort of legendary evil inspiration to the LSV) landed in their time-era by pure happenstance and took leadership of their group. To fend the LSV off this time, the LSH summoned their own counterparts from the worlds Earth-247 and Earth-Prime, as well as the 21st Century's greatest hero Superman.[11] The Legion of Super-Villains experienced its last hurrah under the subsequent leadership of Saturn Queen, who led the Super-Villains in an invasion of the mystical land of wisdom Shamballah, at the behest of some being called the Blue Flame which came into existence from Krona's infamous eons-ago experiment, and which may in fact have been Krona. The defeat of the LSV on this occasion required the sacrifice of the LSH's enemy-turned-comrade Earth-Man.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

Adult Legion Timeline

In the possible future timeline of the Legion of Super-Heroes called the Adult Legion, the Legion of Super-Villains was eventually reduced to a triumvirate of Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King. This version of the LSV first appeared when they traveled back in time to the 20th Century to kill Superman in league with the Man of Steel's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Superman and the chief triumvirate of the LSH from the same era/timeline: Lightning Man, Saturn Woman, and Cosmic Man defeated the villainous confederates and returned them to their own era to receive punishment.[19] However, the LSV would travel back to the 20th century repeatedly to vex Superman, typically in concert with Lex Luthor and/or Brainiac.[20][21] On one occasion, the Legion of Super-Villains sent two "Chameleon-Men" to make Superman's life difficult in their place, but these proxies were thwarted just the same.[22] The LSV capitalized off a brief window of historical opportunity when they traveled back in time to when the treacherous space-pirate Vorm, as "Dynamo Boy," infiltrated the teenage Legion of Super-Heroes and exploited its constitutional bylaws to force it to disband. The LSV then entered into a working arrangement with Dynamo Boy to clandestinely pillage the U.P. while posing as its superhero protectors. However, the Super-Villains eventually found Vorm superfluous to their scheme and stranded him millions of years into the future to die, before Superboy and his younger version of the Legion of Super-Heroes arrived to put a stop to the Super-Villains' rampage.[23] Jumping a few decades back into the future, or into their native present-era, the Legion of Super-Villains sought to use the deceased Legionnaire Ferro Lad's embittered brother Douglas Nolan as their instrument of revenge on the Legion of Super-Heroes, through Saturn Queen's power of twisting the emotional intentions of the human mind. When that failed, largely because the LSH brought Superman into their time-era to investigate acts of sabotage on their headquarters committed by Nolan, the Super-Villains struck against Lightning Man, Saturn Woman, Cosmic Man, Polar Man, and Element Man personally, with the assistance of new recruits Beauty Blaze and Echo. When it seemed as though the Super-Villains were finally about to achieve final victory over their Legionnaire adversaries, they were taken down by the 30th-century descendants of Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk, who saved the Legion to atone for their ancestors' evil deeds.[24][25] The last and most ambitious scheme of this version of the LSV was to revise the origins of Superman and Batman to create an alternate 21st Century timeline where the World's Finest duo conquered the Earth and made it into a despotic tyranny under their joint-rule, with Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King naturally being considered Superman and Batman's senior partners and surrogate "parents." However, this plot ultimately failed, and the timeline returned to normal, apparently erasing this version of the LSV from existence and making the entire Adult Legion timeline into merely an unrealized possibility in an infinite tree of temporal divergences.[26][27][28][29][30] In spite of that, this timeline's version of Saturn Queen appeared to be in an alliance with Ultraman to establish a fascist dictatorship in Kandor II, approximately one year after the Infinite Crisis, a plan contingent upon Ultraman's ability to impersonate his matter doppelganger Superman. Saturn Queen and Ultraman were exposed by Power Girl and Supergirl, using the identities of Nightwing and Flamebird. It is believed that the reality-upheavals caused by Alexander Luthor's abortive attempt to resurrect the Pre-Crisis Multiverse somehow played a role in saving this version of Saturn Queen from annihilation with the rest of her defunct future timeline and shunted her instead into the Phantom Zone, from where Saturn Queen met Ultraman and brainwashed him into serving her malicious goals.[31][32][33]


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