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In the early 31st century a group of young superheroes, inspired by the heroics of Superman, came together to found their own team: The Legion of Superheroes.


In 3009, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl traveled to 2009 to prevent an attempt on the young Clark Kent's life. They managed to save him, but not before the Persuader destroyed a crystal that would've allowed Clark to defeat Brainiac.[1]

Now facing an uncertain future, they couldn't return home before Brainiac had been defeated. The Legion found their interaction with Clark odd, as they had only read about Superman, and never had direct contact. They learned that Brainiac was possessing Clark's friend, Chloe Sullivan. A woman they had never heard off. Not sure if Chloe had just been left out of the annals of history or died from hosting Brainiac, the three decided to kill Chloe to protect the Earth and the future. Clark stopped them and managed to work together to extract Brainiac from Chloe's body, without killing her.[1]

The three returned to 3009, with Brainiac, whom they reprogrammed into Brainiac 5, who joined the Legion.[1][2] In 2011, Clark's cousin, Kara, traveled to the year 3011 and joined the Legion as "Supergirl". Not long after a war broke out between Earth and New Krypton. The Legion managed to end the war, together with Superman.[3][4][5] Some time later, Brainiac 5 and a few other Legionnaires traveled to 2012, to help in the battle against the Monitors (who threatened all of reality).[6]




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