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Lego has published several licensed DC inspired games and playsets, primarily focusing on Batman. Strictly speaking, the Lego Batman material falls into three continuities: Lego Batman, the video games and its tie-in movies and toy sets; The Lego Movie, the cinema movie and its tie-ins and toy sets; and Lego DC Superheroes, TV shorts and direct to DVD movies.[1] The video game LEGO Dimensions featured both the game continuity and the movie continuity, along with a reality inspired by the Teen Titans Go! series.


Joker teamed up with Penguin and Riddler to stage a mass breakout at Arkham Asylum. Among the escaped criminals were Two-FaceHarley QuinnCatwoman and many more. Eventually Batman and Robin rounded up all the villains even Hush and Ra's al Ghul, and returned them to Arkham.[2]

Some years later, Batman captured Joker and his gang when they attempted to steal the Man of the Year award. Shortly after, Lex Luthor freed Joker and staged another mass breakout, all a part of his plan to become president. In which the city was overrun with criminals again, Batman, Robin, Superman and eventually the entire Justice League, defeated Joker and Luthor and recaptured all the villains.[3][4]

Brainiac kidnaps several members of the Lantern Corps to use their energy to shrink the Earth. The Justice League along with the Legion of Doom managed to defeat the villain and save Earth.[5]

When Robin was mysteriously sucked into a vortex, Batman quickly chased after him. Wyldstyle and Gandalf helped Batman get Robin back from the evil Lord Vortech.[6]

The Justice League was teleported to Apokolips by the Justice Syndicate. The Legion of Doom begins to gather various villains to defeat the Crime Syndicate. After the League returns to Earth, all heroes and villains unite to defeat Darkseid.[7]


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  • In Lego DC Super-Villains, this is said to be Earth-1.

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