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Len Wein (b. June 12, 1948 – d.September 10, 2017) was a writer.

Professional History

Len Wein was an American comic book creator. He is probably best known for creating two of the most iconic characters in comic books: Swamp Thing and Wolverine. His first published work was in 1968 for DC Comics on the title Teen Titans. He worked in many of DC and Marvel Comics most iconic titles and is also a Will Eisner Award Winner. He also wrote an adaptation of his story in Batman #255 for Batman: The Animated Series in the episode Moon of the Wolf.

Among Wein's last works were X-Men Gold for Marvel and Justice League Dark and Batman '66: The Lost Episode for DC.

Personal History

Wein was married to Glynis Oliver, a comic book professional herself, though it ended in divorce. His second wife was Christine Valada, a photographer and attorney.

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