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Quote1.png You're an immortal alien. You'll go on and on and on into the future. Carrying Adolf Hitler's standard! Quote2.png
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Lena is the wife of Karl Kant, whom he took sometime prior to the death of Overgirl.

She was given a chemical to maintain her youth throughout the decades of marriage, however their marriage became both cold and loveless. It was after Overgirl's death that Karl became a wreck, having nightmares of Overgirl's death night after night. Though she did feel sorry about his loss, she did feel his obsession over her death was unhealthy and that she was merely a clone and another could be made at anytime.

It was during this time however, that the chemical she was using for the last 25 years to maintain her youth was of a limited supply and therefore, wouldn't be made available to her anymore. This caused her to go in a rage, as she would grow old and die, while he would live "forever" as a symbol of the Nazis. Both then tended the opera in Metropolis. During the entertainment however, Uncle Sam interrupted with a message of hope and their will to battle the empire of Nazis. This angered Overman, as well as Lena, however Lena died when the Eagle's Nest came crashing down into Metropolis, despite Overman trying to stop it from impacting the city.