Adopted by the Luthor family at age four, Lena Luthor took charge of LuthorCorp (which she renamed L-Corp) after her brother was sent to prison.

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  • Genius Level Intellect: Lena is incredibly brilliant, which affords her the ability to stay several steps ahead of her enemies. This also allowed her to outwit her evil stepmother on several occasions.
    • Business Management: Lena has shown great business skills, being on par or even better than Moran Edge.
    • Science: Lena has a knack for invention, much like her brother Lex. However, unlike him, she has learned not to rely on using power to overcome problems. Lena has shown to be on the same level as Winn when it comes to inventiing.
  • Unlike her brother, whose relationship with a Super turned sour, Lena is actually good friends with both identities of Supergirl; however, she remains in the dark about them being the same person.
  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Supergirl and is an adaptation of Lena Luthor. The original character was created by Jerry Siegel and Kurt Schaffenberger and first appeared in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #23.
  • Lena Luthor is portrayed by Katie McGrath.



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