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Quote1.png The only time anyone ever calls me is to be their sidekick. I am not a sidekick! I'm Lena Luthor, the greatest criminal mind of my time! Quote2.png
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Lena Luthor is Lex Luthor's little sister.

Lena is a devious genius whose smartness is held back by her pettiness, her stubborness and her explosive temper.

Lena wanted to enter Super Hero High School but she wasn't allowed to attend there. Furious and resentful, she turned to a life of crime. Some while later her brother got arrested while attempting to pay Super Hero High School back for her rejection,[1] and Lena got control over LexCorp. Around that time, Barbara Gordon took up the Batgirl identity and resigned from her job as SHHS' IT. expert. Lena managed to get Barbara's former job under the "Lena Thorul" pseudonym, but in spite of having achieved her initial goal, Lena held onto her grudge.

Lena seized a sample of Kryptonian dust left on Supergirl's Kryptonian Rocket,[2] which she used to create her Kryptomites.[3] From that time on, Lena would use her army of Kryptomites and her inventions to launch strikes against Super Hero High and its students in secret until her real identity was exposed during an inter-school sport competition.[4]

Since then Lena has struck SHHS over and again, occasionally teaming-up with the villain Eclipso, but Supergirl and her fellow heroes seem to regard her as little more than a pest. They haven't even tried to shut LexCorp down even though they are well aware of her headquarters' placement (although Supergirl has vandalized the place).[5]

Infuriated at being treated as a second-rated villain and rating lower than Brainiac or her own brother, Lena formed her own Legion of Doom to bring Super Hero High down.[6]



  • The "Lena Thorul" pseudonym is a callback to her Earth-One incarnation who went by that name after her family got their surname changed.



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