Lena Luthor is Lex Luthor's paraplegic sister.

When Lex Luthor was seventeen years old, his sister grew ill. Though he hoped he could save her, his attempt failed, consigning her to a wheelchair for life. Rather than face his failure, he told others that she was dead, and that he had been too afraid to fail in an attempt to save her.[1]

However, she was alive, kept in his personal, secret lab at LexCorp, and was introduced to Bruce Wayne there after her brother became a member of the Justice League. After joining that team, Luthor claimed to Wayne that he planned to cure his sister, a change from his previous behavior of leaving her alone to ignore his failure. When Neutron attacked LexCorp, an explosion rocked the interior of the headquarters, and Lena was caught in the blast. Though she was knocked unconscious, she survived, and her brother told Wayne to get her to safety.[2] Twenty-four hours after the outbreak of the Amazo Virus as an unintended result of Neutron's attack, Captain Cold had gotten Lena, apparently not infected, to safety from the outbreak.[3]

During the start of the Darkseid War, while presumably being controlled by Apokolips' forces, Lena shot her brother, Lex Luthor, and used a Mother Box to send him and Superman to Apokolips.[4] After that, she went into a coma. Lex unsuccessfully tried to wake Lena up using his own Mother Box.[5]

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  • Illness: When her brother Lex was seventeen years old, Lena contracted an unspecified illness. Lex's attempts to cure the illness by himself left Lena confined to a wheelchair. (It is unclear if Lex cured the original illness, or if she still has it too.)



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