Lena Luthor was the sister of Lex Luthor and mother of Lori.

Lena was raised in Smallville, Kansas by her drunk father alongside her brother Lex who cared for her in lieu of their alcoholic father; her mother presumably died when she was young. When Lex ran away from home, she was the only person in the house who cared. Little else is known of her life, except that Lena was "devastated" by the death of her father from a heart attack.[1] Lex absconded with the insurance money on her father, leaving Lena to fend for herself before going to live with her aunt. After Lex left, Lena soon became a paraplegic with slowly declining health because of an undisclosed accident and sired a daughter from a man who disappeared to parts unknown.

Her activities after this are unknown. Lex's agents worked hard to hide his past in Smallville, bribing locals; it is unknown what effect this had on her life. Lena is currently living in Smallville with her daughter Lori, who took to vandalizing Dr. Greer's property out of revenge because he refused to cover her mother's medication due to Lena losing her medical insurance coverage.[2]

Reunion With Lex

In the wake of his escape from Project 7734, Lex Luthor returned to Smallville with the intention of controlling Superboy. After being confronted by his niece and using Kryptonite to incapacitate Superboy, he also claimed that he could cure his sister's disability. Lex used Lori as a hostage to convince Superboy to find the ingredients used to create a medicine powerful enough to make Lori's mother walk again. After synthesizing the cure injection, Lex used it to cure Lena of her illness and restore her speech and memories, before taking it away with another serum to once again render Lena an invalid, swearing to only return the cure once Superman was truly dead. After Lex escaped with the help of Brainiac, Lena was given ongoing medical treatment by the doctors of Wayne Enterprises in the hopes of curing her condition but to no avail.[3]




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