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Panara was an enemy of Catwoman.

When Leona Dorsey was diagnosed with an incurable disease, she sought the help of a geneticist who specializes in cures for radical diseases to reverse the disease He used the genetic code of an animal. Believing that Catwoman was a real cat, he withdrew his DNA for use in Dorsey, but found that she was a "mere human". Being held prisoner, Catwoman saw the doctor using the genetic code of a leopard to change the physiology of Dorsey to cure it, who instead turned into a leopard humanoid. With a animalistic character, she killed the doctor and his assistant and almost killed Catwoman if she had not deceived her and ran away.[1]

Later reappeared in a club metahumans fighters and now called "Panara," she had been captured and forced to fight and escaped when Batman and Wildcat freed the prisoners.[2]

Some time later, she met and fell in love with Tezcatlipoca and soon the two began a slaughter under Joker's laughing gas. They were stopped and sent to prison by Robin and Blue Beetle.[3]


enemy of Catwoman