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Quote1.png You ask why I'm into archaeology? 'Cause it's the most exciting subject I know! It's more than digging up old bones... It's about magic and legends, monsters and myths. It goes beyond the wildest stretches of your imagination. Quote2.png
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Given powers by the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, Professor Len Lewis becomes the Green Lantern, a powerful elemental champion of mankind.

Professor Lewis is a handsome, successful instructor at Los Angeles University teaching archaeology to his students with much enthusiasm. Deciding that he should take his own studies abroad, he ventures to Africa in search of the Tree of Life.

When he arrives at the airport he finds that one of his students, Cathy Warren, has decided to come with him both because she is enamored by him and because she is tasked to do so by Reverend Darrk. The two find themselves in Central Africa, near the Congo, when they arrive at a dig-site abandoned by Cragg Crogor, Darrk's failed lackey.

Cragg Crogor, unable to face Darrk for his failure, attacks Cathy and Len. He captures Cathy, holding her hostage, and shoots Len into the mystical green mists that protect the land. Len drifts on the mists in a dazed state until he meets the Tree of Life itself and becomes its champion. Given incredible powers which saved his life, he became the Green Lantern.

Cathy reveals to Cragg that they are working for the same person "frees" herself from him. Returning to Los Angeles with the revived professor, she abandons him when his knowledge stops and his talk of magic begins. They split at Cathy's request and Len ventures into the desert to test his abilities.

Cragg makes the first move against the Green Lantern to rid himself of a curse which Darrk placed on him. He sends a giant animatronic dinosaur to attack the city drawing out the Green Lantern. True to his duty, Len fights the dinosaur, attempting to rescue the humbled Cathy Warren, but despite all his powers, the robotic monster crushes her.

Seeking to avenge Cathy, Len is driven to Cragg's doorstep and attempts to apprehend him. Weakened from the fight with the dinosaur, he is unable to stop himself from getting captured. However, the drive to Darrk's church takes too long and gives Len enough time to recharge and burst free. Cragg, aging rapidly, dies in his arms with Darrk watching in the mists.

Unable to comprehend all that has happened to him in the past few days, Professor Lewis retreats to space in order to sort his thoughts.


  • Divine Empowerment: Empowered by the mystical tree of life, Yggdrasil, Professor Len Lewis becomes the Green Lantern with a simple thought. Gaining incredible powers, Green Lantern is driven to protect the human race from its most dangerous enemy; itself.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Although not called telekinesis by Len himself, the mystical green energies, that can be manipulated by the Green Lantern, affect all his surroundings. Using this ability he can lift, hold and push physical objects.[1]
      • Geokinesis: Given the power of the Earth, Green Lantern can lift the very crust of Earth itself and move giant boulders with relative ease.[1]
      • Aerokinesis: Given the power of the wind, Green Lantern can create windstorms and sandstorms.[1]
    • Flight: Even without manipulating the air, Green Lantern can take to the skies with a thought. He instinctively knows how to fly and has done so even in combat situations.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: While not affecting his strength physically, Green Lantern can tear through cars, lift heavy objects and punch through large machinery.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: While in the Green Lantern form, Len cannot be harmed by conventional means which include firearms, hand-to-hand combat, explosions or mystical energies.[1]


  • Archaeology: Len Lewis is a professor of archaeology at Los Angeles University.[1]
  • Pedagogy: Despite his knowledge, his enthusiasm drives him to far off locations like Africa on a whim to study ancient culture.[1]


  • Power Limitation: After only a few hours of use of his powers, Green Lantern must recharge his internal batteries by not activating his powers for an unspecified amount of time. Without recharging, his powers weaken until they dissipate completely.[1]



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