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Lenny was the nephew of Lex Luthor, born to his sister.

Lenny helped his uncle break out of prison by trapping police guards in his remote-controlled convertible and driving them off the cliff. He then helped Lex steal a strand of Superman's hair from the museum, since Lex claimed it contains enough of Superman's DNA for him to create a superpowered being that he alone can control. After Lex Luthor's Nuclear Man was defeated, Superman brought Lenny to Boys' Town where its presiding pastor promised that he would watch over the young man.


  • Science: Skilled with inventions, though not as ingenious as his uncle Lex.

  • Lenny Luthor was portrayed by Jon Cryer in the movie Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
  • It is never established if Lenny's last name is "Luthor".



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