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Leonard Ruttman was a trained actor who got his big break as the star of Douglas, Robot Hunter, a cheesy television series about a future war between man and machine.

Ratings started to slip after nine years, but the studio decided to invest heavily in a season premiere. The show was blacked out when the Metal Men, who were trying to fix a television satellite in space, accidentally destroyed it and blacked out TV reception in 42 states.

Because of that incident, the studio had to let Leonard go. Angry, Leonard toured the set one last time for nostalgia's sake, and when he tried to plug in a prop from the show, he received a severe electric shock. Leonard woke up and was convinced he was now Douglas and wanted to wipe out all robots. He was somehow able to reach Glenview and the current home of the Metal Men.

Copper, trying to win points by continuing Doc's good neighborhood program, decided to go to Miss Romero's home to fix the fiber-optics of her TV. She didn't know that the now-insane Douglas was holding Miss Romero hostage. Douglas shot his prop gun at Copper, which had no effect on her. He assumed she'd neutralized his weapon somehow and ran away, leaving a confused Copper behind.

He returned much later believing that Doc Magnus created the Metal Men to enslave all of humanity. While Doc Magnus and the Metal Men were out, Leonard set bombs inside Magnus' house to blow him up but the house security system trapped him inside. This caused Leonard to freak out until he got a call from his agent telling him Syfy had picked up his show. This caused Leonard to snap out of his delusion. He was happy about the news, but in his excitement he accidentally pushed the detonator and his explosives destroyed both him and the Metal Men's house.



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