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Citizen Cold is the Leonard Snart from Earth X.

Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, Leo is kind of heart and a good person. Like Snart, Leo was friends with a Mick; however, his Mick died trying to save cops from a burning police station. This trauma lay dormant in him for years, but Leo regarded him as one of the best men he knew. A rebel, Leo lead a resistance against the Nazis; he was later joined by Ray and the two began dating.[citation needed]

When Overgirl needed a new heart from a doppelganger, this lead Leo to meeting the heroes of Earths One and Thirty-Eight. After the death of Prof. Stein, Leo decided to remain with the Legends to help them overcome the trauma of their friend's passing. He also attempted to help Mick of the Legends get over his alcohol addiction, but found he couldn't help him.[citation needed]



  • Unlike Earth One Snart, this version follows his plans to the letter. He was surprised upon hearing that his counterpart would come up with a plan and then toss it aside.[citation needed]



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