Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, is an enemy of the Flash.

He and his henchwomen attacked the Utopia casino in Las Vegas and steal the people's valuables. Cold also saw the Flash's fiancé Iris West, who was talking on a paid phone with her lover, froze her hand. Barry overheard what is happening and race to Las Vegas as the Flash and confront Captain Cold. However, Captain Cold stopped and forewarn him that he had placed several active cryogenic time bombs throughout the city, forcing the Flash to go after the bombs and allowing Cold and his henchwomen to escape on helicopter. As Cold was leaving, Flash managed to collected all of his bombs, and plucked Cold from his ride, damaging it in the process, and into a fountain. Once in the fountain, Captain Cold's freeze gun malfunctioned from the fountain's water and causing it to freeze him in solid ice.

Captain Cold was imprisoned in Nellis Air Force Base, alongside the many captured costumed heroes and villains.[1]


  • In the animated adaption of Justice League: The New Frontier Captain Cold was voiced by James Arnold Taylor. He was briefly controlled and voiced through by The Centre after landing in the fountain, questioning the Flash as to why he is faster than "the other lesser beings" before leaving the Rogue. In the audio commentary, Darwyn Cooke referred to Captain Cold as "Captain Cool".



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