Leonard Wynters was a hitman called Captain Cold that was knocking off criminals in Central City.

Early career

Wynters used a nuclear powered freeze gun to kill his opponents. He managed to trap the Flash, but Doctor Tina McGee thawed him out.

During Flash's final battle with Wynters, he was able to defeat him by using a mirror to reflect the cold blast back to him, causing him to be captured in ice.

Book of Destiny

In the year 2018, the Monitor used the Book of Destiny to test the superheroes and supervillains of Wynters' Earth, Earth-90. He had hoped to recruit some of them in a coming crisis that was expected to come the following year.

The Monitor was deeply disappointed in that Earth though, as many super powered characters had been killed during this incident, including Leonard Wynters. His old enemy the Flash survived and escaped to Earth-One.





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