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Leo Lane, codename Daemon Rose, is Lois Lane's secret younger brother[1] and Superman's uncle. He was trained from birth by his father to be the ultimate secret agent.

Leo Lane was raised within A.R.G.U.S.[1][2] His sisters are aware he exists but he does not appear to have grown up with them.[3]

Daemon Rose is one of the most skilled operatives in the world, but when the Leviathan Organization dismantled the world's secret agencies, he and many other surviving agents were left alone and without a purpose. A number of these agents were recruited into a new group where every member impersonated Deathstroke. The new group invited him to join, but told him that before he met the group's leader he would have to assassinate a member of the Justice League. He refused, putting him in their crosshairs.[2]

With nowhere else to go he approached Green Arrow, the leader of Checkmate, for help.[4]