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Quote1 I'm not made for this shit. I'm not supposed to be here! That's why I was packin' up! I just wanna do whatever job I need to where tellin' right from wrong ain't advanced calculus. Quote2
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Leota Adebayo is a driven, friendly, and insecure former A.R.G.U.S. agent placed on Project Butterfly, and a close friend and ally of Peacemaker.

Early Life

Leota Waller was born to Amanda Waller, a callous government agent who became incredibly protective of her daughter and wanted her to follow in her footsteps. Waller trained Leota for years to be an amazing combatant, but she just wanted to work with animals. When Leota grew up, she married a supportive woman named Keeya Adebayo, took her last name, adopted three dogs, and tried to distance herself from her mother by creating a dog shelter.

Unfortunately, Leota and Keeya began struggling financially after they lost funding, and so Leota joined her mother at A.R.G.U.S. to get herself and Keeya back on their feet. Leota was compassionate, smart, and driven, but rather insecure about her abilities as a combatant, and her relationship with her mother.[2][3][4]

Project Butterfly

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Meeting with the Project Butterfly

On Waller's orders, Leota joined Project Butterfly, a small black ops team, to end the invasion of the alien Butterflies. At Waller's request, she received the secret order to implant a fake diary of the depraved pacifist vigilante, Peacemaker, who would be integrated into the team, since due to Peacemaker's mental problems, he would be the one who would be blamed for everything. The team led by the mercenary Clemson Murn went to recruit Peacemaker in his trailer, where Leota introduced herself to Peacemaker and met his other teammates, the rude agent, Emilia Harcourt, and the dubious tech support, John Economos, with whom it was difficult try to befriend. During a meeting, Leota got to know Peacemaker better, getting to know his faithful pet eagle, Eagly.[4][2]

That night, Leota and Harcourt teamed up to rescue Peacemaker from the Wild States Apartments to evade the police. The team discussed the death of Butterfly Annie Sturphausen, causing Harcourt to have doubts about the loyalty of Leota, who bribed Amber and Evan Calcaterra not to frame Peacemaker. Leota and the Project Butterfly headed into the woods to prepare for their first mission, assassinating Senator Royland Goff, one of the many Butterflies they had to kill, but Peacemaker and the sadistic hero and his clumsy friend, Vigilante, ended up being captured by Judomaster, the Goff's personal bodyguard, so they went to save them after Leota saw Harcourt kill an innocent bodyguard. After the mission, Leota and the team conducted an investigation on what they had found while Leota had doubts about whether she was ready to fight the Butterflies.[3][5][6]

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A new friendship

At Murn's request, Leota tried to stop Peacemaker from meeting with his father August Smith, the racist villain known as the White Dragon, whom they had framed, but after Peacemaker realized that his father did not love him, she tried to comfort him and together they beat Judomaster again. After finding out about the Glan Tai bottling plant, Leota and the Project Butterfly set out for the bottling plant, where Leota joined Peacemaker in killing several Butterflies in their investigation of the amber fluid, eventually coming to grips with the gorilla Charlie, who was killed by Economos. With their mission successful, Leota and the team celebrated their newfound friendship, now taking the name 11th Street Kids, after the Hanoi Rocks song. Leota celebrated with Peacemaker in his trailer, forming a great bond of friendship, giving him advice on how to make Harcourt fall in love and be a better person, encouraging Peacemaker to make a big change in his life.[6][7]

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The 11th Street Kids unite again

Despite having formed a close friendship, Leota had to betray Peacemaker, planting the fake diary in the trailer. In Henenlotter Video, Leota used Peacemaker's X-ray helmet, discovering that Murn was a Butterfly, however, he found out that Harcourt and Economos knew, hearing that Murn was Ik Nobe Llok, a rogue Butterfly who sought to stop the Butterflies from dominating. to the humans and for that they had to stop the food source of the Butterflies, the Cow. After Peacemaker and Vigilante fled from the police, Leota tried to evade her friend for betrayal until being discovered by Harcourt and realizing that Peacemaker was being chased by Butterflies. After Llok's death at the hands of Queen Butterfly, Eek Stack Ik Ik, Leota and Harcourt became friends after "killing" Judomaster and returned to the 11th Street Kids, naming Harcourt their new leader. Leota, seeing Peacemaker hugging Eagly, tells Keeya that they will have to stay longer and with hope renewed, Leota agrees to kill the Butterflies, beginning their journey to Coverdale Ranch.[7][8][4]

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"Activate Human Torpedo!"

During the pivotal mission, Leota attempted to reconcile with Peacemaker to no avail, hatching a plan with the team to bring the sonic boom helmet to the barn to blow up the Butterfly base. While Peacemaker, Harcourt and Watcher were in trouble in battle, Leota decided to spring into action, killing several Butterflies, saving Harcourt and taking the human torpedo helmet to help Peacemaker, killing Cow, and preventing the Butterfly invasion. After the battle, the 11th Street Kids took Harcourt, Economos, and Vigilante to the hospital. Leota was finally able to apologize to Peacemaker, who told him that she was his best friend and inspired, Leota decides to make a big change, revealing the existence of the Task Force X, a team of villains forced on missions by orders from Waller and the government, to the world and clearing Peacemaker of his false crimes. After redeeming herself, Leota returns to Keeya's apartment, with whom she begins a new life outside of her mother's orders.[1]



  • Ex-Static Electrical van[5]


  • Handgun

  • Leota Adebayo is portrayed by Danielle Brooks.
  • Leota is an original character is an original character created by James Gunn for the series Peacemaker, but she shares similarities with Sereetha Waller from the comics, with both being rebellious daughters of Amanda Waller.
  • Gunn named Leota after his mother.
  • Leota is a fan of jazz.[7]


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