Les Perdu is a creature born from the tortured souls of four murdered victims on the Bayou Perdu Bridge: a young boy named Tommy was drowned by his kidnapper; Bill Ingersol, a homosexual, shot in the head by homophobic thugs; Carmen, a pregnant woman who was pushed into the bayou by her abusive boyfriend Merle Layton because he didn't want to pay for her abortion; and Tiger la Rue, a drug dealer, was beaten and mutilated by his former partners whom he owed them money. Infused with the supernatural energy from the bayou and driven by the souls' anger, confusion, and desire for revenge, Les Perdu clawed its way from the mud and headed for Houma.

Les Perdu first founded Tiger's drug dealers and devoured them. It then tracked down Merle and maimed him, and shortly killing Ingersol's homophobic murderers. By coincidence, Ingersol's lover Carl Vinter came upon the scene and recognized Bill's presence inside the creature. The sight of Vinter caused Ingersol's soul to take control of Les Perdu and fled back to Bayou Perdu.[1]

Les Perdu would later finished its revenge on Merle when the latter led a news crew into the swamp in an attempt to find the Swamp Thing, and causing Carmen's ex-boyfriend to be maul to death by an angry mother alligator.[2] The creature soon later encountered Swamp Thing's daughter, Tefé Holland, who formed a spiritual connection with Tommy's spirit. This connection caused Les Perdu to remember Tommy's killer and subsequently catches the man's scent, and proceeded to hunt him down.[3]



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