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Amunet Black was a crime boss in Central City whose operations eventually brought her into conflict with the Flash.

Leslie Jocoy was a Central City flight attendant who was affected by the particle accelerator explosion that gave Barry Allen his powers.[1] Jocoy was gifted with the power to control metal and under the name Amunet Black went on to grow a successful criminal operation hidden from the Flash for four years.

While Barry Allen was trapped in the Speed Force for six months, Caitlin Snow, also known as Killer Frost, worked for Amunet Black as a metahuman bodyguard, having been promised that Black would deliver a more permanent cure for her uncontrollable powers. Though Black never delivered, the criminal had her goons hunt Snow down after she attempted to walk away from the operation. Black made Snow an ultimatum - rejoin or die. Frost again refused to work for Black and, together with the women of Team Flash, took her down and freed her metahuman captive the Weeper. Black swore vengeance on Frost, promising she'd return.[2]

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  • Metal Manipulation: Amunet is able to summon chunks of metal, specifically Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloy, to surround her arm in a fist shape. Once this occurs Amunet is able to launch chunks of metal at opponents and also form the metal into a shield.



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