Leslie Larr is the primary henchman of Morgan Edge, as his personal assistant in his legitimate business dealings and chief enforcer in his criminal enterprises. She secretly possesses metahuman powers.

She worked with Edge on a project to create an army of supersoldiers by exposing his employees to X-Kryptonite. Among the subjects was Derek Powell, who Leslie formed a romantic relationship with.[1]

Leslie was present when Lois Lane stormed into a board meeting at the Daily Planet to publicly resign after Edge rewrote a story critical of him. As Lois left, Leslie warned her that Edge would crush her.[2]

After Subjekt-11 failed to kill Derek’s mother, who had passed potentially incriminating evidence to Lois, Leslie executed him with her heat vision.[3]

Before the Smallville City Council meeting where the townspeople would vote on allowing Edge the rights to the disused Shuster mines, Lois prepared a devastating expose to be published in the Smallville Gazette. Leslie came to the Gazette with a copy of Lois’ Daily Planet contract, which included a clause preventing her from publishing the piece, reminding Lois that she told her Edge would crush her. Faced with the prospect of a long and costly lawsuit, Lois’ new editor Chrissy Beppo reluctantly quashed the story.

As Lois was unable to make her case at the city council meeting, Edge gained exclusive rights to the mines. Later, he and Leslie surveyed the mines and she effortlessly punched through the rock face at a spot he indicated, revealing a rich deposit of X-Kryptonite.[4]

Derek was sent back to his mother to throw Lois off the scent, but he quickly lost control of his powers and called Leslie for help. She exposed him to another dose of X-Kryptonite, enhancing his powers to be equal to Superman. When Superman arrived, acting on a tip from Chrissy, Derek lead him away and the two fought. Leslie presumably relocated the X-Kryptonite chamber while Superman was distracted.[1]


  • Leslie appears to possess some abilities similar to Kryptonians. It is unclear if she is herself a Kryptonian or was granted these powers by exposure to X-Kryptonite.



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