Quote1.png Maybe Lester Abernathy volunteered for your little experiment -- but he's history. Captain Nazi took his place -- and I don't take orders -- I give 'em! Quote2.png
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Captain Nazi was a white supremacist extremist, an enemy of Captain Marvel

Lester Abernathy was a member of the neo-Nazi group, Sons of Valhalla, based near San Francisco. The white supremacist group had a summer camp called Aryan Acres used to indoctrinate young boys into hating people of Jewish or African descent, which also housed a secure meeting facility for the adults. It was there that Lester volunteered to be the human test subject for Dr. Patterson's Formula X serum which turned him into Captain Nazi.[1]

When the Sons of Valhalla planned to "cleanse" San Francisco by having the boys poison the water with cyanide, Captain Nazi was not happy to be left out of the plan. Impatient to test his new powers on Captain Marvel, Captain Nazi defied the others, resulting in an explosion at the compound. He flew off to find the bus carrying the boys, but instead found Billy Batson—who was undercover at Aryan Acres—tied up and gagged. Not knowing Baston had been exposed and left to die, Captain Nazi removed his gag and immediately faced Captain Marvel. Confused and off guard, Captain Nazi was sucker-punched into a hilltop before Captain Marvel dropped a mountain on top of him in order to keep him from pursuing him to the reservoir. When Marvel returned, Captain Nazi had already left, carving a note in the rock face with his finger, Wait till next time.[2]




  • Alpha Wave Belt: Activated whenever Captain Marvel was within 100 miles to track or avoid him.[1]

  • Unlike prior and later depictions of Captain Nazi, Abernathy is currently the only version who became Captain Nazi in then-contemporary times, instead of during World War II.



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