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Lester Buchinsky became the third Electrocutioner after his brother's death.


He possessed a similar suit to his deceased brother. Lester started out, like his brother before him, as a vigilante seeking to deal out his own form of lethal justice. His lethal ideology and reckless methods put him into conflict with Batman and Robin. His career as a vigilante was ultimately short-lived, as his later appearances indicate that he has embraced the role of a villain.

He was later seen working with Cluemaster to pull a heist on an armored car filled with money, however Cluemaster's own daughter Stephanie Brown also known as Spoiler foiled their plan.[1] He would often work with Cluemaster and Czonka in their schemes. He later appeared in Blüdhaven working as hired muscle for Blockbuster.

War Games

During Gotham's great gang war, Buchinsky was hired by Penguin and used as a hired mercenary for gang leaders.[2] A few days later, Electrocutioner was present in the massive criminal gathering at Robinson Park. Upon being double-crossed by Black Mask, Electrocutioner went out of the park and attacked various members of the GCPD.[3]

Rise of Arsenal

He later worked as a pawn for Prometheus, planting the device that would level much of Star City. Green Arrow recognized his part in the destruction, and vowed to hunt him down and kill him. Green Arrow tracked him down, but Speedy had already found him and was attacking him out of pure rage. Green Arrow convinced her that killing Buchinsky would not make things any better, and Electrocutioner was taken to jail.[4] Once he awoke from his coma, Red Arrow vowed revenge for the death of his daughter and the loss of his arm in Prometheus's plot. Unable to kill Prometheus, as Green Arrow had already done that, he set his sights on Buchinsky instead. Harper broke into the prison and, despite his former mentor's protests, brutally killed the Electrocutioner.[5]



  • Electrocutioner Suit: Electrocutioner wore a suit with circuitry that let him generate electricity from his hands. Electrocutioner controlled the amount of electricity generated, and could stun or kill a target with it.



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