Lester Colt was a career soldier who gained the ability to shrink himself. As the new Doll Man, he became a member of the Freedom Fighters.

Lester Colt entered the U.S. Army as soon as he was old enough. He served in Qurac, Afghanistan, and a dozen other classified locations, and due to his service he was recruited for a special mission. He was recruited and becomes an "Operational Management and Strategic Advisor" to S.H.A.D.E.. Colt trained in the martial arts, and a tactical genius. Colt is a celebrity in the U.S. and a series of action figures were named in his honor.

No matter how much he is presented as a soldier he is still a ruthless killer as his beliefs is the "ends justifies the means". On one of his missions he coldly kills a drug dealer, as he had infiltrated his home disguised as one of his own action figures. He shot him and in front of his young son at his birthday party.[1]

Dr. Richard Glenn developed a serum capable of shrinking the human body. Colt volunteered, and became the guinea pig for Dr. Glenn and his daughter Dr. Emma Glenn. The experiment was a success and he shrunk down to the size of an action figure. However operatives from the rogue government agency S.H.A.D.E., posing to be terrorists, raid the facility. Colt was able to stop them but not before, but Dr. Glenn was killed. Colt was now stuck in this form as there was no way of reversing the shrinking serum. Emma Glenn tried to find a cure, and but soon fell in love with the pint size hero. Emma becomes Colt's handler and equipping Colt with miniature weaponry and equipment. Now wearing a combat suit and jet pack, the one-foot-tall Colt gained the operative name "Doll Man."

Father Time, the leader of S.H.A.D.E., did indeed retrieve the serum, and used it to create an army of diminutive operatives on what he called Level Nine. Colt eventually married Emma and retired to a quite life with a newborn daughter, Julia Colt. He was then recruited into the Freedom Fighters by Miss America to help finish a mission.

Colt and a group of shrunken people, including Darrel Dane the original Doll Man, go through an experimental procedure to return to normal size. The experiment goes wrong and the group was fused together in a human-sized monstrosity. Colt and the other subjects are separated and returned to normal size.[2]


  • Size Alteration: Lester Colt can shrink down to the minimum size of six inches (about the size of a standard action figure). At first he was trapped within this form and was forced to continue his work at his small size which became a benefit, but his wife Emma later developed a serum which enables him to change size at will.



  • Jetpack: Lester has invented his own Jetpack which he uses both in and out of combat.


  • High-Tech Weapons: Employs a range of high-tech weaponry, much of it designed by his wife, Emma Glenn.

  • Lester Colt is also known as G.I. Lester and/or Human Action Figure.



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