Leviathan is a name used by two unrelated figures in the DC Universe. It is a creature with the obsessive hive-mind of many children comprising a single being. This was later expanded into a worldwide criminal organization led by Talia al Ghul indoctrinating youths across the globe. Their agents are terrorists with absolute loyalty and no compassion or mercy. They become the greatest enemy to Batman Incorporated. This version of Leviathan was created by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving, first appearing in Seven Soldiers: Klarion #2. (2005)

In Legion of Super-Heroes mythology Leviathan was the name used by Colossal Boy's Batch SW6 counterpart. It was reintroduced as the alias used by Gim Allon in Reboot Legion continuity. Following his death at the hands of Doctor Regulus and the Emerald Eye, Salu Digby took the name in his memory. The Leviathan identity was created by Tom Bierbaum, Mary Bierbaum and Chris Sprouse, first appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 4) #41. (1993)

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